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  • Kittykatt1976 By  Kittykatt1976    

    Played on repeat

    This is my favorite album of hers it's great to listen to something so soothing like this one if you like Amy Winehouse's voice you'll enjoy this too

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  • Cmbouch By  Cmbouch    

    if there's two things i love in music, it's quirkiness and pianos. this album and artist nails both right on the head. some of her songs are tied to some of my best memories

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  • makamaka By  makamaka    

    Regina Spektor has been one of my favorites since I first heard her. Her hauntingly sugar-sweet voice mixed with low tones creates a whole new type of music! This album was so fun to listen and dance to. (I particularly loved Fidelity and Hotel Song.) She has such an amazing voice that can reach so many tones. I love how she doesn't fear sound, she praises it. She'll take a totally weird element or sound and make it sound lovely. This album brightened my mood and kept me thinking positive throughout the day. Her music is so weird, and not only does that set her apart, but it also adds a whole new level of lovely! If you haven't heard her yet, I highly recommend buying one of her albums or songs. You won't regret it!

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  • bremi By  bremi    

    I first listened to her off the 500 days of summer soundtrack..loved it! Some of her songs have to grow on me but love her originality!

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  • frizzyborden By  frizzyborden    

    I love some of Regina Spektor's songs and others I find annoying. She is unique and some of her songs have really good lyrics. She is definitely a weirdo, but in a good way. I love the sound of the piano with her vocals.

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  • aMUSEme By  aMUSEme    

    I love Regina! A little zany, a whole lotta fun! This is my favorite of her CDs with a lot of variety and originality as well as throwbacks to Russian piano classical styles. Loved it!

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