Regency Enterprises 12 Years A Slave

Regency Enterprises 12 Years A Slave

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Any movie about slavery is difficult to watch, but this gets high marks for historical accuracy and a powerful narrative. It's based on a true story. It's heartbreaking and illuminating.

Edge of your seat I loved this movie! Words cannot express how many emotions you will feel while watching it, you'll be angry, sad, scared, worried, happy, and relieved all at once.the actors provided some of the best acting I've seen in. Very long time.

Perfectly acted history As an Entertainment Blogger and History Lover, this is one of my top favorite movies ever! It is acted passionately and believably, total must see for the entire family.

Fabulous movie! It was great enough to almost put me back to that time and actually picture myself there, regretfully! There were cheers, tears of joy, as well as tears of happiness. It was good enough to buy my own copy. Although it was quite long, It's still one of my favorites.

12 yrs slave It keeps you interested the entire movie. It was detailed in the reality of slavery.

History! Watching this was rough but it served as a great learning tool for the kids. Highly recommend to anyone teaching tolerance to children and adults.

over hyped This movie was ok, but i don't think it was as great as people said. And i don't like saying that because i think slavery is something that movies should be made about and something we should have to think about sometimes but this just wasn't nearly as great as amistad or glory or other movie. that being said its still worth a watch its in no way a bad movie

12 Years too Long This movie had me all in my feelings. It made me happy, sad, angry, and moved from beginning to end. I feel so really horrible for all he went through after being tricked by some a**holes looking to get paid. I felt even worst for the one lady and her children. I felt bad for the lady being abused and raped by her master, then whipped for getting some soap. I will say they the actors were wonderful in this film. I feel bad knowing that this is how things really were so long ago and how many died at the hands of such savages. It will make you think that not so long ago this was how things were in our Great Ole USA.

12 Years A Slave Is A MUST See Loved this film it was insightful and emotionally gripping for my entire family.

AWESOME! Great movie, It really tells you what African Americans went through even when free with papers. I cried and laughed. Great movie!

This movie was very touching if there was an edited version I would suggest this be played in history classes.

Excellent movie!! I would recommend this movie. I loved the actors/actresses and even surprised Brad Pitt was in it.

This was such a great movie, a must see for all. It was very touching

This film is absolutely, without a doubt one of the best films we have seen. It is heart-wrenching to imagine and gut-wrenching to watch, but it is important for films like this to be made and shown in order to help us as a nation, and as a world, learn from the mistakes of our past. "12 Years a Slave" is beautifully executed and expertly crafted by director Steve McQueen. That is where we were as a nation not all that long ago, and it is frightening to imagine, distressing to relive, and humbling and embarrassing to see played out so well on-screen. It makes us look at current human rights issues we face as a country today, and in 100 years when people look back on us in history, it will come down to the same question: what side of history are you on? Chiwetel Ejiofor is absolutely stunning in this's hard to describe how good he is. Every word he speaks, every lash he takes, every emotion he has, we felt everything he felt. My jaw dropped several times throughout the film, and the tears just kept flowing in streams of raw emotion, so much so that my throat hurt after we were through watching this. Though this movie is a tough subject to watch, it is definitely a must-see.

I love, love, love, this movie. I watched it with my mom and we cried. It was so heart-breaking. Honestly, I was so touched and surprised by this movie. i cannot wait until you guys watch it. I would definitely recommend this to a friend.