Ree Drummond The Pioneer Woman Cooks: Recipes from an Accidental Country Girl

Ree Drummond The Pioneer Woman Cooks: Recipes from an Accidental Country Girl

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The pictures in this cookbook are beautiful! It's also full of great recipes. The beans and cornbread recipe were phenomenal.

This is my current favorite cookbook! The Pioneer Woman (Ree Drummond) is a city-girl-turned-cowboy's-wife, and she cooks hearty food. The cookbook has wonderful step-by-step pictures of the recipes, as well as an assortment of pictures of her family and life on their ranch. I've tried several recipes so far, and found that everything comes together just as she says. We end up with delicious meals that please my whol family! Be warned, though - the Pioneer Woman is a big fan of butter!

I love this cookbook ! I have followed her website and blog for the past several years but this cookbook has been my go to cookbook for the past several months. Everything I make from the cinnamon rolls to the Spicy Pulled Pork to the Jalapeno Poppers gets rave reviews from my friends and family. I love her easy going style, her life on the ranch, how she admires her husband and her dogs and her family-especially her girlfriends and her mother in law. She takes the most amazing pictures and she shows you what to do step by step I would buy this for a new bride or a girlfriend as a gift. I have 3 boys and their friends think I am an amazing cook when I make something from the Pioneer Woman cookbook.

I love The Pioneer Woman. Her recipes are great but she takes it a step further by letting you into her life therefore making her recipes become more intimate than if you just picked up any other cookbook. Her website is great, full of endless recipes, stories, photos, reviews and giveaways. I ifnd her recipes to be a lot of my "go to" recipes that I will use over and over and most likely wil even be passed on to my kids as some of "mom's recipes". She has recently appeared on her new show on Food Network on Saturday mornings. The show is great as well.

I love the Pioneer Woman, and her cookbook doesn't disappoint. Her delicious cowboy-approved recipes are presented with step by step photos to show you how your meal should look throughout the entire process. Her cookbook is also littered with fabulous photographs of her ranch and family. Through the cookbook, she opens up her home to you and allows you glimpses of country life. Every recipe has a background and meaning, which adds dimension to the recipes themselves. Ree leads you to make delicious meals regardless of the calorie count. I love this cookbook and would recommend it to anyone looking to make some true Southern classics.

I love this cookbook. It is in full color and the photography is gorgeous. My favorite feature is that there are pictures to help you each step of the way. For some recipes this isn't needed but for others, it is a lifesaver. Although many of the recipes are listed on the website, there are some new ones as well. And since I like to have my recipes in front of me when I cook, having this book saves me from having to print the recipe from the website before I can make it. These recipes are definately not for those on a "diet" but when you want to splurge, go for the Sour Cream Pancakes! Mmm. The Cowboy Steak Sandwich is also delish. I can't wait to try some of the other recipes, especially the cinnamon rolls. I would definately recommend this cookbook.

I am a huge fan of "The Pioneer Woman". After stumbling upon her blog, I was instantly hooked. When her cookbook came out, I wasted no time to get it. Since getting the cookbook, I've made almost every single recipe in it. It's a fabulous book, with wonderful illustrations and easy to follow recipes. Every recipe has been a huge hit with family and friends. I love all the pictures that are included, - she's a fabulous photographer and that comes through on all the pictures. I love how she's not only included all the great recipes, but she shares bits and pieces about her family and life on the farm. This is a must have cookbook if you love real, down-home, stick to your ribs cooking!

Pioneer woman is an excellent cook, a wonderful mother, a loving wife, and a down to earth farm girl - even if by accident. Her recipes are easy to follow - with multiple pictures for each one and her cookbook is more than just a collection of recipes, it is a collection of memories in her life. Its a wonderful read, along with delicious recipes that will quickly become family favorites. You have to see this book. I can't wait until I get her second one! (its on my wish list)

I fell in love with The Pioneer Woman blog several years ago. Not only is Ree Drummond a great writer, she is an excellent cook. This cookbook, her first, is chock full of wonderful recipes for mouthwatering appetizers, savory dinners, delicious desserts, and wonderful breakfast foods. Ree is also a photographer so the cookbook contains beautiful step-by-step photos. I love the little snippets she includes with most of her recipes giving a little insight into life on the cattle ranch she lives on. I've not found a recipe in the cookbook that I don't like!

I love the Pioneer Woman's website. It is chock full of delicious recipes, amazing pictures and great stories. I really was excited to try the cook book. All of the recipes I have tried so far have turned out absolutely amazing! I will say quite a few are already listed on her website for free. It is a bit more than a simple cook book as well. She shares many, many, many pictures of her family, farm and farm animals. She also incorporates her writings into this as well. Overall I like the cookbook and recipes. And every step has a picture which makes it great for visual learners. I wish it had less farm pictures and a few more NEW recipes that aren't on her blog already. Overall, it was still worth the purchase!