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  • ddedwards By  ddedwards    

    This is my favorite magazine. They always have great articles to read. The recipes they have are great. I just love this magazine.

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  • mikeyf By  mikeyf    

    Beware of Redbook and other Hearst magazines. I signed up for a Hearst sweepstakes that clearly stated there is no subscription or fees whatsoever, and they signed me up for a subscription and have been e-mailing me invoices without my consent. They are ignoring all e-mails to cancel or stop. A quick google search showed me this is a common issue with them, they ignore you and send off the unwanted, unpaid orders to a shady collections agency and you have try to dispute it if you can. I would not recommend giving them your information, they clearly have no problems doing whatever they like with it, legal or not.

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  • gatagangsta By  gatagangsta    

    I like redbook magazine it is one of my top favorite magazines. I like the articles they are very interesting. I look forward every month to this magazine.

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  • xenagirl By  xenagirl    

    Its good I like the topics of this. The price is ok for Each issue.

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    Another one of my fav..a good tea and a redbook and I can relax for an hour..

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  • mintmom By  mintmom    

    I use to love this magazine but lately it's been just okay. I not planning on renewing my subscription.

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  • ajenkins By  ajenkins    

    I am more of a fan of the website as to the magazine itself

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  • LAgirl By  LAgirl    

    Not good as it used to be. I would not waste my money on buying any more of Redbook magazine. I use to enjoy the steamy articles but after a while it gets "old"

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