Red Rose Original Black Tea

Red Rose Original Black Tea

              Rated #130 in Coffee & Tea
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Red Rose is my favorite tea, I've been drinking it since I was a kid.

Do not like this tea. It has a bitter taste. Would not buy again.

I like this as a regular go-to everyday tea. Nice flavor and usually more affordable than other regular black teas. I always look for it when I run out of my everyday tea. I wish more of the grocery stores in my area stocked it.

We love the red rose tea brand, it is something that I grew up on and have used through my adult life. It also makes good iced tea. It doesn't have an overpowering flavor and doesn't become overbearing if the bag is left in the water. You also don't see the oily film on top of the tea when you are drinking it which can be such a turnoff to me. It has a such a wonderful rich aroma and a full bodied taste that I truly enjoy. Another thing that is so important to me is the strength of the bags themselves. I've used other brands of tea where tea leaves leak out of the bag and float in my tea which is another turnoff, this has never happened with red rose. All in all Red Rose provides good quality and good price and is always in my pantry.

Oh its awful! My mother is British so I grew up drinking lots of tea. I bought this because it was on sale and couldn't even get through one cup it was so bad. I dont care how cheap it is... not worth the money.

I love this tea! This is my cup of the day tea. I am not supposed to drink caffeinated drinks if possible, but this is my guilty pleasure of the day. It has a nice tea flavor that is neither to strong or to weak. I have been enjoying it for over 40 years and my son has for 15 years.