Red Bull Energy Drink

Red Bull Energy Drink

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Red Bull gives added energy These Red Bull cans have 110 calories each. I prefer the sugar-free Red Bull cans, which only have 10 calories each. Both kind of Red Bull taste fine, though, and the provide a helpful boost of energy.

Big fan! I'm a huge fan of redbull! I used to drink a lot of the regular kind. Until I switched to the sugar free. Way better! Still gives that nice kick that you need to get you up in the mornings!

Energy booster Whenever I am fatigued and need energy, Red bull is my savior as it gives me energy and of course the ?Wings"

My power I love this drink, tastes horrible at first if you think about it to hard but if you just drink it , it's amazing and delivers a nice kick.

Red Bull gives you wings I'm not big on energy supplements but when I need that extra help, Red Bull gets the job done. The taste takes a bit getting used to but the aspect of the drink works. It gives me energy to keep going when I just want to quite.

While I cannot have many of these, when I need one, it works. The taste takes a bit to get used to but mix it with a little cranberry juice and its great! My 19 year swears by them.

I'm not a energy drink fan by any means but this actually did the job...Didn't make me feel jittery either which is usually a problem for me.

Pulling an all nighter? Gotta make sure you've got redbull on deck. Only thing that keeps me awake and going. Coffee doesn't work but redbull definitely does the trick. There is no way I'd survive college without it.

has a funny after taste but will give u lots of energy only gave it 2 stars cause its just not foe me

Too expensive but so tasty.

I am addicted. My child doesn't sleep well, and I believe my life would suck so much more if I didn't have this in my life. I buy it by the 12-pack.

I am addicted to Red Bull!! I try not to drink it every day, but it is perfect for those mornings when I wake up at 4am and I know I am going to have a hard time getting through the day! Total life saver! (And I don't have that awful crash at the end of the day)

I love redbull and it's easy to get addicted to but I took away a star for price. It's WAY too expensive. You never see coupons or reasonable sales on it..yet still, most mornings I have one. There's a drink out called "hed" that tastes the exact same with the same affect. I recommend that instead if you can find it.

I alway saw other people drink this and then one day I said let me give it a try and I don't regret it. I don't like the sugar free one but the regular Red Bull when it's icy cold it's great oh and it does give me wings.

I like this product when I need a quick pick me up. It is a bit pricey for the small can that you get but it does pack a punch to snap you out of a rut. You get used to the taste, but the one thing I don't like is the after taste and it makes you burp:(