Red Baron French Bread Pizza

Red Baron French Bread Pizza

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Can be cooked in the oven or the microwave, but trust me oven is way better. Great crunchy texture and they don't skimp on the cheese and toppings. My only complaint would be that it sometimes doesn't cook evenly enough even in the oven. End up with burnt ends and cold spots in the middle occasionally which is somewhat less than appetizing.

These are a perfect small meal for my days on the go at the office. Quick, easy and still so very tastey.

These are the perfect small meal for those days you are on the go. The pepperoni is my personal favorite and I absolutely love it. It fills me up without making hungrier and cutting into little pieces makes me feel satisfied faster, I am just tricking my brain with the smaller pieces.

Love red baron. sometimes the bread gets to hard.

I was actually trying to find the Red Baron Deep Dish to review but it's not up yet. The french bread is ok, but The Deep Dish Single Variety is the best I've tasted in years! if you like single serve frozen pizza I think you should definitely give Red Baron a shot !!

the flavor is good, but sometimes the bread is too hard or too soggy. I prefer to use regular french bread and make a hot sandwich because it preserves the crunchiness of the bread. That being said, this is a nice light lunch for one person and if you like bread, feeds into the need to have carbs for lunch.

My kids like these for a snack or whenever. Red Baron is a good brand!

I love this and eat it alot I cook it every friday.

the flavor is great on these and so quick to pop in the microwave my husband gobbles these down

This is great when you want a little pizza, but you want to have something else for health reasons! This is also budget friendly!


Great tasting one of my families favorites. The deep dish is also very good.

Better tasting than I thought they'd be, but I cooked them in the oven vs. microwave...much better texture that way.

Thought the peperoni tasted a little funny.

This is my favorite frozen pizza after a night out with my friends.