How-To Make Realistic Resolutions + #SheSpeaksTV Giveaway!

SheSpeaksTeam By SheSpeaksTeam 01.06.16
How-To Make Realistic Resolutions  + #SheSpeaksTV Giveaway!

Most of us have made resolutions that are nothing short of completely unrealistic. Wendy and Megan, of Long Story Short, share their resolutions that can easily be modified to fit in your own life. Let's beat 2016! Whether you resolved to cook at home more often, organize your house or read more, we want to help you get there. Get their tips by watching the video and then let us know what your resolution is!

Enter to win a $50 Amazon gift card to jump-start your 2016 resolution!

Step 1  Watch the video below

Step 2  Comment on the YouTube Video here to tell us - What's your resolution for 2016?


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  • HeidiLouise By HeidiLouise

    To eat better. And to get more sleep.

  • JenniferLesko By JenniferLesko

    My new year's resolution is to get into a more stable living situation with my fiancé and lose 40-60 lbs.

  • rosellek By rosellek

    Eat healthy and workout five times a week.

  • jerylt By jerylt

    Eat better and exercise more.

  • BeautyQueen87 By BeautyQueen87

    My resolution is to be the best mommy i can be for my three beautiful children!!

  • PRicanBarbie10 By PRicanBarbie10

    Spending more time with family and friends:)

  • valeriesobus By valeriesobus

    i loved this! Very helpful tips on how to make *doable* goals. And the cooking at home part was super encouraging! I'm a first time mama (my boy turns 1 on the 28th) and I struggle so much with cooking at home. While it isn't one of my resolutions this year, it was truly nice to know I'm not alone in the dinner struggle. :p I find also it helps to be very specific in making resolutions. So my resolution this year is to be brave and try new things -- I haven't quite mapped out all that this entails but I know two things that i want to do are brew/make my own batch of Kombucha and take a road trip with my baby to visit my best friend who lives several hours away :)

  • groogruxking40 By groogruxking40

    tweet -

  • localceleb By localceleb

    After I offered to host the family Christmas party this year, I made a vow to keep my house in order on a regular basis. So far so good, we are almost a month in, and the cleaning up and keeping things visitor ready has become contagious. Everyone in the house is participating and enjoys relaxing in and enjoying our clean/clutter free cozy home.

  • Luvdemhorsez By Luvdemhorsez

    My resolution is to o get my home & life organized. Also to try to take some ME time. I had a major spine surgery almost 2 years ago that has left me worse off then I was, such excruciating pain on a daily basis. Need to learn to relax but its a tough up hill battle. Thank you!

  • TSReed By TSReed

    I don't do resolutions. I'm just going to keep doing what I've been doing!

  • keldrew1 By keldrew1

    I have 2 big resolutions that will both reduce unnecessary stress! (1) reduce 'stuff'-in my garage and storage areas (2) lose weight brought on by a bad case of poison ivy 7 months ago. Being a single mom of 2 boys, I don't take time for myself or the to do's that will help me become a better person/mom.

  • mcclungtammy By mcclungtammy

    my resolution is to get fit and lose weight. I walk everyday and eat better, and teach my kids about feeling good about yourself and be the best you can be, but to do whatever you want and be you.

  • KarenAAnn By KarenAAnn

    My resolution is to work out more and get this extra weight off.

  • JoKitten By JoKitten

    To stay healthy and eating more veggies along with exercising at least once a week, but will do alot of walking everyday! And get health/body check up to the doctor to makes sure the rest of the health are going normal.

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