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My favorite Must Have Magazine Every year, when I start receiving renewal notices for my magazines, this is the one I ALWAYS keep updated. It is a very enjoyable read overall, and very informative and well, down to earth and Real Simple. I do get annoyed at the increase in ads however.

Love It!! I just started receiving this magazine in the mail and I am officially obsessed with it! The articles are great to read! It's more practical. I am more likely to do things from this magazine because it fits my lifestyle and is "real simple" for me.

I have bought a subscription and received it free for review. I enjoy the magazine and usually find an item or to that really interests me. I have found some neat tricks to use to clean or cook with, etc.

Wonderful magazine with fantastic photography and helpful articles.

I've always loved this magazine! Great layout...great articles! However, I haven't been a serious subscriber. So as far as I know, the magazine isn't super redundant, which is great. Magazines often lack creativity and become boring quickly.

I am absolutely obsessed with this magazine! My interests include organizing and interior decorating and this magazine covers it all! It offers tips, examples, and step-by-step methods to obtaining/ maintaining a better, more contained home!

I love the content of this magazine, but jeeeez it is so pricey!

I used to get this mag. I really enjoyed it, I get 8 subscribitions and have 4 years of mags. to catch up on.

I love the style of this magazine from beginning to end! Something needs to be said for a magazine nowadays that you can sit down with a cuppa and read through from top to bottom for a good half hour and admire the content read.

Real Simple is one of my favorite magazines. I have a collection of them that I often refer to for cooking, decorating, and shopping tips as well as motivation for those days when I need a little pick-me-up.

Pretty through magazine trade club at work....

This is my Bible. I tear out the note sheet or get my pad and pen out and take notes while reading every month. I also put recommended product names in my phone so I can remember ones I want to try when I go out. As someone mentioned above, I also like the look and feel of the magazine. It is printed on high quality paper. The articles are always interesting and pertain to me so I read every page from front to back. Lately, however, the fashion highlights have been a bit spendy and I wish they would come back down to the average working person's budget. But all in all - I love it!

I was a subscriber but haven't renewed simply because I don't need more magazines in my house. I love real simple and the types of articles they print. I love the look and feel of the magazine.

I am going to subscribe as it looks great.

Love the quick and dirty tips! Alternate ways to use a lemon, baking soda? You bet!