Reader's Digest Extraordinary Uses for Ordinary Things

Reader's Digest Extraordinary Uses for Ordinary Things

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This book was purchased for me for Christmas because I am always trying to reuse everything. Boy this is really helpful. You can reuse so many things around your house for other things. Love it. Best book I have received in a long time.

I was amazed by this book and how many things I have at home that I can use without running out.

Love it! Things I never knew to use. I recommend this book to everyone that lives on their own to save time & money.

I have to mirror the comments, nothing but positives about this book!

I purchased this book on Amazon after reading a couple pages at a friend's home. It offers hundreds of tips on how to use products that most people (if not all) have in their home. Most of us know that a lemon down the sink disposal will make it fresh, but did you know that dropping in a few ice cubes will sharpen the blades? I don't have enough space to detail the number of hints, tips, tricks and ideas. There are many ideas on how to use products for entertaining kids, such as face paint out of cold cream. Other ideas include: making a hot pack out of diapers, fabric softener to remove the WORST baked on or burnt food in cookware, oven cleaner to remove concrete stains, using the rubber bowl of a plunger to catch debris from drilling, salt water to keep fleas away from outdoor pet houses, and more. I had seen some of the ideas and suggestions before, but many were "why didn't I think of that?" This book also has little trivia and history sections about several products in the book. For people trying to find natural and eco-friendly ways to maintain their home, this book is amazing. For people just trying to save a buck, this book is well worth the price as it shows how everyday items can replace expensive alternatives and in many cases, work even better. Check this book out the next time you are at a bookstore. I really think you will end up buying it.