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  • cutie720 By  cutie720    

    Great, but you may want to alter the rules

    Wonderful first board game. Easy to play, colors are vibrant and bright, and rules are simple. While the game is promoted as a cooperative learning game in while all participants are working towards a common goal, we find in my house that by altering the game rules and having each person select their own snail color to root for, the excitement level jumps leaps and bounds. The person whose snail is the first to the leaf is deemed the winner. Tons of fun for all ages. A quick and simple game to play, pieces are substantial, and board is durable.

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  • lrs5065 By  lrs5065    

    this is a great game , it is easy for younger children to play and it helps them learn to play well with others.

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  • angelada By  angelada    

    This is a wonderful game for children. Both my 5 and 8 year old enjoy to play. The craftmenship of the game pieces are great. Great Game...SImple concept.

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  • Tomalynne By  Tomalynne    

    This is a great game for small children. My 3 year old loves to play with the snails and easily understood the rules. The board has racing lanes for six colored snails. There are 2 dice each with six colored sides instead of the normal numbered sides. The player rolls both dice and moves the snails with the corresponding colors one space down the track. The snail that makes it to the finish line first wins the game. So simple that even very young children can play. There is no counting, only color recognition. I especially love that you can tweak this game so that it can be played and enjoyed in different ways. It can be played solo or with others and is easily adaptable to "house rules" to make it more fun for different ages or situations.

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  • fnewspost By  fnewspost    

    This game is amazing. We play it with the children at school. One child doesn't win, a snail wins, so the children cheer for the snail they're most interested in at the time and they have a happy ending every time with cheering altogether (and no tears). It's a nice way for them to learn an alternative to competitive games.

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  • artist2009 By  artist2009    

    this game is so much fun... i thnk he would love it. It has tons of bright colors.

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