Rain or Shine Kids B Blanket

Rain or Shine Kids B Blanket

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So I have been searching for the perfect blanket for awhile now. I go walking several times a week and always have Mikey strapped to me and Kaia in the jogging stroller. We go walking at night when its cold out. I cannot tell you how many blankets have been dropped, lost or run over by the stroller. It can be so frustrating especially when its particularly chilly out and the blanket falls out of the stroller gets run over is sopping wet and muddy from the gutter. I have actually had to turn back and go home because of it. I just got to try the Rain or Shine Kids B blanket and it is fantastic! It has ribbon ties. So that it can tie to your stroller, carrier or sling. You can also tie the ribbons together and use it as a nursing cover! It has a wind and water resistant backing which is fantastic. It helps to keep your baby dry at those park play dates when you are sitting in the grass. Protects your baby from the wind and sun. And is a great on the go changing pad. I used it for Mikey at the park as an outside playmat and it was nice and soft and had plenty of room for him to roll around and explore. The top material is a super soft polar fleece. That Kaia and Mikey both love. And even though the backing is wind and water resistant it is still soft enough that you don't have to worry about it irritating your little ones skin. Kaia loves her new blanket. Now I think I need to get one for Mikey!