Rachel Ray Nutrish Dog Food

Rachel Ray Nutrish Dog Food

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The Food Doesn't Sit In The Dish Anymore My 10 year old has tried lots of different foods. There comes a point when after about a month on the same food she gets bored with it. However, we started her on Nutrish over a year a ago and she has yet let food sit in her bowl for more than 20 minutes. This is also a food that helps her keep up with her daily life, and stay healthy! Thanks so much for coming out with this great food!

Meh. I currently feed my two shi Zhu Beneful dog food. They love it. I slowly introduced the sample otherwise they would have upset stomach. I mixed 1/4 nutrish first night and slowly increased the amount each day. They were okay with it. They still prefer the taste of the regular beneful over nutrish. I don't care for the bright colors... do you really need so much food coloring? Bottom line: it's nothing "WOW" . Back to beneful for us.

This is a great product! It contains real wholesome ingredients for your furry friend. The other formulas help with itchy skin and hot spots for dogs too. The cat food is also wonderful. It's a little higher in price but definitely worth it. Also, when you purchase a bag some of the money goes to helping shelter animals.

Not sure if I requested the wrong sample or what. We got cat food, which our Labrador loved! The fellow fed it to her without looking at the bag, and the dog devoured it. So she would say two paws up!

This stuff has a surprisingly bad rep as far as reviews go, but for whatever reason, I love it. My pit had a number of things wrong with her, because her previous owners weren't ideal ones. I started feeding her this and BAM, she's as good as new. The whites of her eyes aren't yellow anymore, her coat is healthy and shiny, she has more energy and is just happier and healthier. I recommend this ONE HUNDRED PERCENT, for people who can't afford to get the Blue Buffalo quality stuff.

Is she serious?!? this Rachael Ray product contains menadione, a controversial form of vitamin K linked to liver toxicity, allergies and the abnormal break-down of red blood cells. and chicken by-product - pink slime, no wonder my dog barfed it up

My dogs actually like this and it is easy to find i first tried with a free sample and then i had some really good coupon for it so i bought a larger package and it didn't give them any issues.

My choc lab loved it (as she does most things lol) but she definitely has a delicate constitution and is known to throw up. She threw this one up, so b/c of that I won't buy it in the future.

Tried it after receiving a sample in the mail. Didn't give my dog any GI issues (he has a sensitive stomach)- its more natural than other dog foods and the price is comparable.

We got a sample in the mail a few weeks ago. We ran out of dog food and I remembered we had this, so to hold my puppy over until the morning I gave him the dog food. Normally he rushes to eat his food, he took 2 bites and walked away from the bowl. Needless to say, I was at walmart at midnight to get his usual food. We tried giving it to him again and he simply didn't want it. The next morning he coughed up the bits that he ate. Not sure if its made for small dogs, we have a chihuahua, but we will not be giving this to him again.

Other dogs probully love this dog food, but my 3 chihuahuas hate it, they turn their nose up at the food and leaves it. Thank goodness it was a sample size, I dont like to waste money on dog food that they wont eat.

I have super picky dogs, they would eat it for a week and then...just quit. I like the fact that it's a great food with simple ingredients and part of the proceeds go to dogs in need. I tried explaining that to my pooches, but they still wouldn't eat it.

We used to give Daisy Iams, but changed her over to Nutrish because she likes it better and it has better ingredients than Iams(which changed their formula). It also costs less but lasts longer than the other brands we've tried. I just wish more stores carried it.

I'm trying to give this food a neutral rating...because when the sample arrived I wouldn't feed it to my dogs. I opened the bag with full intention of feeding it to my dogs but the obnoxious colors turned me off. You don't need to add so much coloring to dog food, it's obviously artificial. We feed high quality dog food and it's not this color. It was just not natural. I couldn't give it to my dogs, it just wasn't right, it looked like Trix cereal.

My dog loved the food, scarfed it up quickly BUT didn't settle on his stomach he was throwing up shortly after.