Quit Smoking Before 40 and Live 10 Years Longer

   By SheSpeaksTeam  Nov 03, 2012

Everyone knows about the health risks of smoking , but a new study suggests quitting by the time you reach your 30’s or 40’s can have a big impact on your future health. It’s not to say that quitting shouldn’t be every smoker’s priority, but new research finds that smoking past a certain age greatly reduces your life expectancy.

U.S. News and World Report reports about the new study published in The Lancet journal which finds women who quit smoking before the age of 40 avoid more than 90% risk of early death from tobacco use.

The study also found that smoking takes 10 years off a woman’s life and two thirds of all women who died between the ages of 50’s – 70’s died of cigarette related causes. What the study suggests is that quitting smoking is important to improve health and longevity and the earlier a woman quits the better.

Co-author of the study, Richard Peto, explains why women should seriously consider quitting smoking as early as possible. Peto says, “If women smoke like men, they die like men—but, whether they are men or women, smokers who stop before reaching middle age will gain about an extra 10 years of life.”

What do you think of the study suggesting women who quit smoking before age 40 greatly improve their chances at a longer life?

Are you trying to kick the smoking habit? What have you done to see the most success?

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bratcher748 by bratcher748 | porter, IN
Nov 19, 2012

I quit smoking about a year and a half ago. Firstly, you have to really want to stop above all else.. otherwise you will probably not succeed in quitting, or return to smoking. i was disgusted with it. I made up my mind. I marked my calendar and started with allowing myself 10 cigs a day for the first week, then down to 9/day for week 2, and so on. I marked it on my calendar to keep track. I would just have that many in my pack. as I got down to less & less per day, I would just smoke half a cig & save the other half for later. I also started running, which was a great stress reliever & motivater. Good luck on your journey to being a non-smoker! I feel, look and smell a lot better nowadays!

mariedmandi by mariedmandi | andover, KS
Nov 06, 2012

I'm 27 and have never had a cigarette and I don't drink. I've heard it's really hard to quit once you start, so just rather not start :) Good luck with those trying to quit! You can do it!

sandyc42 by sandyc42 | CHAMBERSBURG, PA
Nov 04, 2012

July was my fourth year anniversery I stopped smoking. It was not easy at all since I use to smoke 3 packs a day. I fell off the wagon a few times before it finally stuck with me. My advice to smokers (smoking coach told me this) Change your system. Smokers have a system down and may not realize it. Get rid of the coffee cup you smoked with. Its a trigger. Dont bring your smokes to your car (I always lit up then) I used the electric cig and worked my way down to no tabbaco, and used gum when my in law would come (that was a BIG trigger LOL) It can be done, if I can do it so can you. I know its not easy but I'm cheering you on!!!

Lonakay by Lonakay | RENOVO, PA
Nov 04, 2012

I need to quit. I don't now where to begin.