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  • GoneRogue By  GoneRogue    

    One of my favorites!

    Very nice mask, I've used it for years and it always reduces my pores and leaves my face looking clean and smooth. If I have any blemishes they immediately dry up! I'd totally recommend this one!

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  • JustJensReviews By  JustJensReviews    

    I absolutely love this mask. It feels refreshing when you put it on. I love the tightening feeling it gives you as it dries. I like to put it on and soak in a hot bath as I let it sit for 15 min. I do this any chance I get to pamper myself.

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  • Geminidrea77 By  Geminidrea77    

    This has been a staple product of mine since the original brand was no longer available not only is the size very generous at the price it is very affordable. I purchase a new bottle every 4 months or so. I also use this twice a week in the summertime and once a week in the winter. I have acne-prone/oily skin it does leave your face feeling a bit tight but as this is a part of my nightly beauty regimen I follow up with a light oil-free nighttime moisturizer

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  • Heathernicole86 By  Heathernicole86    

    I thought the mask was not that great. I have acne prone skin so this mask just wasn't for me and I didn't like how thick the mask felt on my face it was hard to take off I had to scrub my skin alot to get it off which left my skin red and irritated. I

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  • ShayDenZayne By  ShayDenZayne    

    A few years ago I bought this mask because I had heard so much about it and today it is Still the best product I have ever bought. It truly does what it says it will do.

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  • sahmx6 By  sahmx6    

    I use this everytime I take a shower. My face feels firmer and younger. I love it

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  • zoeyriot By  zoeyriot    

    This is a classic! Used to use it in beauty school. Never thought it would be where I'd go back to when I wanted fresh clean skin. Has always been extremely inexpensive if bought in the right store. As long as my skin is not having a sensitive hormonal episode it is gentle enough to use whenever I feel like I need a deep clean.

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  • moniquee By  moniquee    

    I absolutely love this product. This has always been my go to facial masque. Not only have I grown up using the product, but I also continue to use it today

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  • Helenebarnett By  Helenebarnett    

    Well my name is Helene and since I was a teenager I used Queen Helene , because my parents bought it for me. It's hard for me to find Queen Helene now however I would love to purchase some recent products. Whenhave used it in the past I really enjoyed the man mask it's melt right and it also really did a wonderful job on my face and I hope my face glow and look great. I would absolutely recommend Queen Helene.

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  • diglia By  diglia    

    it's a little irritant for sensitive skin

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  • cciscaroline By  cciscaroline    

    I love this mask treatment! I've been using this since I was in high school! My mom introduced it to me and I won't stop using it! Another oldie but a goodie!

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  • Madsmom By  Madsmom    

    I love this! Have even introduced my teen daughter who uses it all the time.

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  • StaceyLea73 By  StaceyLea73    

    Love this !!

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  • chloenawn By  chloenawn    

    I had heard so much about this product so that when I saw it in the drugstore, I just had to buy it (it is so cheap anyway!) This product does a good job of making your skin feel soft. For me, I did experience breakouts after using this product, which I assume were from the debris being brought to the surface, but it made me apprehensive to use this often.

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  • MsBianca76 By  MsBianca76    

    I believe thisis thebest mask you will find available at drug stores and beauty supplies, its not itchyburny or anything it just clean your face and does the job quick andis greatfor sensitive skin

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