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  • Thom3674 By  Thom3674    

    Affordable and gets the job done. I keep a bottle in my classroom for my adult students to use.

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  • destinyrose By  destinyrose    

    EXTREMELY affordable and works wonders. I apply this lotion every single night to my whole body after getting out of the shower and it moisturizes my extremely dry skin amazingly. I also use this product as a moisturizer for my sensitive and dry face. It leaves my face and body feeling silky smooth and hydrated. One month after use I have also noticed a great diminish of my scars and stretch marks which is a plus. Not thick or oily which I appreciate. Highly recommend this product! Nothing to lose trying it out being the price is so low for so much product

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  • Amberangel By  Amberangel    

    No sweat for me

    This is just another no for me. It does not smooth on well and you cannot get dressed easily after using it before you get dressed. The scent dissipates anyway and does not stay with you. The scent turns quickly into a sweaty smell. I know its not me, it is the product. There was no benefit from this as I did not use it enough because of those reasons I stated. I give it a 1 star rating.

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  • pilarmarshall By  pilarmarshall    

    Thin and doesn't last long. The product is a cheap lotion and I guess you get what you pay for. The lotion does smell good but I wouldn't use or recommend unless you had oily skin as this wears off or is quickly absorbed leaving you feeling like you should reapply.

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  • AllyHkat By  AllyHkat    

    Queen Helene has some great products! This lotion and their Mint Julep Mask are the best! I think this lotion is light, but moisturizes really well, with a light cocoa butter scent. I put it on my hands right after washing or on the whole body immediately after the shower, and it makes my skin soft. It is so cheap and it goes far! I am going to try it as an eye makeup remover next!

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  • HappilyYoungAndMarried By  HappilyYoungAndMarried    

    This lotion seems that it is full of perfume. It's smells very good, but it also very watery. Applying more than twice a day is ridiculous.

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  • urmyshado By  urmyshado    

    I have used this stuff forever and for use in a pinch, if it is all you have it's wonderful, but I have used it for so long ity my skin out after a couple of hours

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  • khd023 By  khd023    

    I really like this lotion. It's super cheap, and it really moisturizes. One complaint I have is that it gets really watery once you open it, and it kind of just pours out of the tube. I have really sensitive skin, and I carry a tube of this everywhere to use on any dry patches on my face or body. It moisturizes great, and doesn't irritate my skin, and I love the scent!

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  • bambiluv By  bambiluv    

    Wonderful scent, but it is just to thin and runny to actually penetrate the skin and stay moisturized. You'll definitly need to keep reapplying it.

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  • zsifford1 By  zsifford1    

    This will always and forever be my absolute favorite lotion.

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  • beckahsmith1980 By  beckahsmith1980    

    I have bought this in the past for use during my pregnancy. I bought it for the low price...what you pay is what you get. It didn't moisturize well and I found myself applying more and more of this product to attempt to get the desired results i was looking for. Easier to spend a few more bucks on something better quality.

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  • Pitterin By  Pitterin    

    Awesome for my very sensitive dry skin. Goes on smooth, light scent, and affordable!

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  • magnag By  magnag    

    this is amazing lotion to use on your body. i even put it on my face and have even used it to remove eye makeup! (give that a try). this is inexpensive, especially if you buy the big bottle. recommend to everyone.

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  • AshleyP75 By  AshleyP75    

    If you use this product after a sunburn it works amazing! So calming and smells really good!

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  • msbluestone13 By  msbluestone13    

    smells great but didnt smell to really moisturize my skin... still had ashy legs..and i usually like queen helene products

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