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  • HelgaHelga By  HelgaHelga    

    healthy and tasty

    This cereal is quite tasty for being so good for you. I was surprised. Not too sweet either.

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  • BoyMom39 By  BoyMom39    

    Hearty Cereal

    This cereal will definitely fill you up. Plus they are great for snacking on their own. These are always a staple in my cabinet.

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  • mprimo1 By  mprimo1    

    Heart Healthy

    Love the taste of Quaker Oatmeal Squares and crunch. It never gets soggy.

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  • rge-rge By  rge-rge    


    love it...not too sweet....holds itself in milk...doesnt get soggy....great taste!

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  • Trulyyourjenny By  Trulyyourjenny    

    Delicious and nutritious

    Great taste. Good crunch. Low sugar which I approve of. I like this cereal and my kids too. I don't feel guilty letting them eat this because it is packed with good nutrients. I enjoy it! One of my favorites.

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  • belle773 By  belle773    

    Great Cereal

    I really love this cereal, it is so simple yet delicious at the same time. It does not have a lot of sugar and gives me the energy I need in the morning. Kids love it and will eat it right out of the box without any milk.

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  • tarakitten By  tarakitten    

    I'm not a fan of this cereal. It just doesn't taste very good. I prefer real oatmeal.

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  • AmyRemes By  AmyRemes    

    I love this and all wheat cereals!! It taste amazing and has very high protein and low in fat! its very healthy and good for your body!

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  • Debbieg By  Debbieg    

    My kids loved these when they were little, they are a perfect little snack for those days when you're out running errands and need a little something to keep the kids tummies full and happy. They have the perfect balance of sweetness and are packed with stuff that is good for you and your kids, I also like that they hold up well in milk and don't get soggy as quick as some other cereals do.

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  • Freesocial2011 By  Freesocial2011    

    One of my favorite cereals. I love the taste, and that it is healthier than other cereals.

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  • als7703 By  als7703    

    This is my family's favorite cereal! My kids will eat it dry for a snack. It has sweet taste and is very filling. A box doesn't usually last more than 2 days at my house!!

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  • RoxReviewsit By  RoxReviewsit    

    great simple cereal. there isn't a lot of flavor, but there's just enough. I don't really like milk, so I always eat this plain. delicious!

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  • Eatworkoutrepeat By  Eatworkoutrepeat    

    Best. Cereal. Ever. Must try!

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  • ashleypreciosa By  ashleypreciosa    

    Love it! My absolute favorite cereal.

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  • Kellie2012 By  Kellie2012    

    Quaker Oatmeal Squares are great. I, however, don't eat them with milk. I eat Quaker Oatmeal Squares as a snack. You should try it. I think you'll like it.

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