Quaker Mini Delights Rice Snacks

Quaker Mini Delights Rice Snacks

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These are so delish. Great for on the go snacking and less calories and fats, and more filling then other leading brands of non healthy cookies...

Great snacks, they have a great crunch, they are easy to pack for lunches whether they be for work or school and they easily replace other less healthy snacks.

Very yummy!!

fiber and good health for my family is all we need yes yyummy

i keep these in my desk for a guilt-free afternoon snack

I love these little snacks! Great for mid afternoon snack.

Amazing little snacks. My 6 year old loves to take these for her snack during milk break at school and we have to watch our 1 year old with them because if she gets ahold of the box she wants them all!

My fiancee bought these for me as a snack when the grocery store was out of the regular bags of Quaker Rice cakes. When he first brought them home I was disappointed, because no 100 calorie pack has ever satisfied my hunger. Not wanting to nag him, because I knew he was just trying to do something special for me, I had one as a snack the next day. The Quaker Mini Delights Rice Cake's that were Caramel Drizzle flavor, caught me by surprise! Not only were they absolutely amazing, they also filled me up! (Which can sometimes be a hard feet at lunch time) I wasn't left wanting more; there were just enough!

Very tatsty

My family is trying to better choices and I have to say Quakes makes a lot of really yummy snacks!

I really Really enjoy them!!

I absolutely love these! They are very tasty and take care of my sweet tooth. the kids even like them and I like that they are healthy

A delicious low-calorie snack. Just great for filling a craving.

I love these!! Every-time they are on sale I pick up a box or 2!! Give me my chocolate fix for only 90 calories! =)

My almost two year old LOVES these!