Q-Tips Cotton Swabs

Q-Tips Cotton Swabs

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Always a great brand Always a good choice. After trying bargain brand, and having to go to the doctor to get swab removed from ear, I only use these.

Only trusted brand for cotton swabs The only brand acceptable in our household. Very sturdy and reliable. Q-Tips, nothing else.

Works great! These work great for removing excess nail polish on skin.

q tips q tips good brand good quality comes in different size packages has alot of different usages the cotton stay where it's suppose to doesn't bend easy when using to clean the ear or belly button the stick end has enough cotton that it doesn't scratch you

QTip QTip Cotton Swabs are easy to use. They are great for applying eye makeup

everyday item can't go a day without using these. my ears won't feel right all day until I use them!

Q tips I love Q tips have always used these even as a kid. I feel they are far better than any bargain brand out there. I will continue to buy and use Q tips. Great quality and they do not come apart and stay as they should.

My mom used Qtips when I was young and it's the only brand I buy for my family. I've tried different swabs, but they all seem so hard and to bend to easy.

the best Q tips are the only cotton swab I buy and use. They are the best. I use them for makeup, ear cleaning, nail polish clean up and so much more

Far better than the rest Q-tips swabs are far better than the competition. The cotton doesn't unravel off, the sticks are rigid but with the right amount of give, unlike the no-name brands whose sticks bend easily. Worth the extra few cents!

Good product! This is a good product for cleaning small paces and removing small amounts of makeup.

Great! The only qtips that really work. They don't band when you're cleaning your ears after getting out of the shower.. All the other brands the brands are a joke.

Gets the job done. I love these multipurpose q-tips. They're also perfect for makeup use!!

I am not a fan. I used them one time and the tip broke off in my ear. I had to go to the doctors for removal. However, I do like them for fixing up or applying makeup and body paint.

Sturdy swab The only swabs I will buy. I only buy these because they're sturdy and don't bend when you use them. I know you're not supposed to use in the ears but I do and these don't bend.