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  • elsamar By  elsamar    


    This product is really good to buy in cotsco, you can find low price and get 3

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  • Reneecalpin By  Reneecalpin    

    Q-Tip brand Q-tips really work!

    I have been using q-tip brand q-tips, most of my adult life I trust the name brand and I also know that there is enough cotton

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  • Cloudybee By  Cloudybee    

    Plenty, handy, and good buy

    Although doctors recommend not using earbuds too often. However, for more-often-than not these come in a good number and the cotton tip in doesn?t leave any fibres.

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  • Sarahedan By  Sarahedan    

    #1 in Q-Tips!

    This brand remains the best on the market. I have ordered other, cheaper brands of q-tips in the past, but have found the cotton to be wispy/not tightly wound on the stick, or have inconsistent amounts of cotton on each stick. With these, you know each one will be consistent and get the job done. Great for cleaning make up out from under your eyes or straightening up your top eyeliner as well as cleaning out any pesky ear wax. Love love!

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  • volsmama By  volsmama    

    Q-Tips Cotton Swabs

    Q-Tips are consistently dependable. I have purchased cheaper versions in the past, but they were of a lessor quality & contained tips of different sizes. But with Q-Tips, I can count on each tip containing the same amount of cotton. I use them to keep my family clean & to apply make-up or medication to very small areas. I also use Q-Tips in less conventional ways, such as to clean, paint, wax, or glue very small, intricate designs from items around the house.

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  • Pinky2021 By  Pinky2021    

    Best on the market

    Best made cotton swabs on the market. Fluffy tips that don?t fall off when you use them!

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  • AmAtHome By  AmAtHome    

    Good Quality

    I like Q-Tips brand swabs because they are always consistent. Others I've tried sometimes have broken swabs or missing the cotton tip. I use these to clean inside my ears of course, but I also find them handy for crafts, cleaning, etc.

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  • RagdollMom By  RagdollMom    

    Staple in my household

    My parents used q-tips and now I use them constantly for my children and myself. Q-tips are great at cleaning up your makeup. There are so many different ways you can use them. I tried once to buy a generic version and have never done that again. There is no comparison to q-tips.

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  • wendy_atkin By  wendy_atkin    

    Not just for your ears

    Quips are a staple in our household , not only are they great for cleaning your ears ( not in the ear canal ) and also are great for crafting projects and cleaning in small spaces like window sills .

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  • mnleona By  mnleona    


    We have always used Qtips. I also use them for cleaning in small places.

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  • jehousel By  jehousel    

    Household staple

    Household staple! I love that these are always uniform and great for not only personal health/hygiene but also handy as a parent. We use them for crafts, paint brushes, etc.

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  • Indyanna63 By  Indyanna63    

    Q Tip Swabs Are the Best!

    I highly recommend Q Tips swabs. They truly are so much better than any other brand I have tried. I especially like to use them with a drop of makeup remover for removing eyeliner!

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  • tjs68111 By  tjs68111    

    So versatile!

    Q-tips brand is the best! There is so many things you can do with them..cleaning anything meticulously is what we do with them most often. Or touching up nail polish!

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  • EricaD By  EricaD    

    Other brands don't compare.

    You'd think something so simple as a cotton swab wouldn't be hard to replicate, but for some reason it is. No other brand works as well as Q-Tips - whether it's absorbency, comfort, or ease of use. They're a household essential, and useful for so many things.

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  • TheMaven By  TheMaven    

    Household essential for generations

    In our house, we only trust Q-Tips brand cotton swabs. We use them for so many things. They are great for getting into small spots for cleaning, crafts, etc. Here's one you might not know. I use them with a paste of water and baking soda to clean the battery compartment of items that had a battery leak. Then I dip another Q-Tip in plain water and use that to 'rinse' the compartment. Once the compartment is dry, the item is ready for use again, just like new!

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