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  • EileenD By  EileenD    

    Essential Household Item

    Essential household items. These little magical things are used for so much more than personal hygiene in my house. :) Cleaning, arts & crafts, you name it. Don't be fooled by other brands. There's most definitely a difference in quality.

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  • benz1171 By  benz1171    


    I used to buy the other brand because they were on sale. Now they are sold at Costco in a three pack.

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  • chas2u By  chas2u    


    These are a staple in our house. From applying makeup, to using for crafts, they always get the job done.

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  • PennyWhistle By  PennyWhistle    

    Just Buy Qtips

    Qtip brand swabs are the only swabs I've ever bought. They're extremely useful around the house for beauty applications, self-care, household cleaning, and even creative projects. There's no point in buying an off-brand because the price savings is so small. Just buy Qtips!

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  • Midlifeswag By  Midlifeswag    

    Nice and soft tip

    Only brand I'll buy, these are made well and don't bend and have a lot of cotton on tip.

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  • sunnay By  sunnay    


    Got to have Q-tips! Clean ears well! I don?t regret purchasing them and they last long! Buy, buy, buy!

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  • HallieAllie By  HallieAllie    

    These work for so many things. Great for cleaning small areas, applying or fixing makeup, and so much more.

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  • xxyyzz88 By  xxyyzz88    

    Always handy and useful. Excellent product

    Used this for a number of household cleaning, especially in hard to reach spots. Even on greasy spots.

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  • Karenf By  Karenf    

    The only ones to use

    The best, even though they might be pricier than other brands.

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  • MollyParnis By  MollyParnis    

    The Best Q-Tips

    The official Q-Tips brand of Q-Tips is the only brand I buy because the cotton ends are fluffier and the stick is stronger so that it won't fold in half while using. I use these for so many applications brom beauty and cleaning, to crafing. One of my favorite household staples

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  • dibingolady3 By  dibingolady3    

    I love Q tips they can be used for different reason. I use them to clean my ears and the ear of the grand kids. I also use them to apply eye shadow goes on smooth. I use them to clean around the hard to get areas in the bathroom like the faucets at the bottom or rim also the toilet seat where the hinges are .

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  • ronikala By  ronikala    


    Been using these tips for many many years....they are the best around!

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  • cheryl_19572003 By  cheryl_19572003    

    Qtips the best

    great product they are not like alot of generic Q tips.they are sturdy and clean your ears without bending

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  • designgirl97 By  designgirl97    

    The Go To Cotton Swab

    I have used these for years for a variety of uses like cleaning and beauty. Other brands I have tried were flimsy in comparison.

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  • jessicamac By  jessicamac    

    Never, ever buy anything else

    There are just a few things where I won't buy store or private label brands, and this is definitely one of them. The softest I've ever tried, isn't worth saving a few cents from buying the inferior alternatives.

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