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Put Your House To Work For You...Really?

Put Your House To Work For You...Really?

Could you live with your house becoming a giant billboard? If it means not having to worry about the monthly mortgage, many of us say, “We’re in.”

CNN Money reveals that just hours after Adzookie, a startup advertising firm, announced the offer that they will pay a homeowner’s mortgage in exchange for turning their home into a billboard, they received more than 1,000 applications from homeowners who wanted to participate.  One church has even applied to become a billboard for the company.  

Adzookie CEO, Romeo Mendoza, was surprised to see such a large response so early.  Mendoza says, “It really blew my mind.  I knew the economy was tough, but it’s sad to see how many homeowners are really struggling.”  

Adzookie will paint their ads directly on the facade of homes and will paint the homes back to their original color after the campaign has ended.  Adzookie has agreed to pay the participating homeowner’s mortgage as long as the house remains painted, which will be anywhere from 3 months to a year.  

What do you think of Adzookie’s offer to turn homes into billboards in exchange for paying the monthly mortgage?

Would you consider participating in an offer like this?

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  • blueeyes1 By blueeyes1

    I think I would consider this - after all it is for a specified amount of time, they will put your home back the way it was, and look at the money you would earn. Not bad in this economy.

  • Maureenbme By Maureenbme

    I do not think my husband would like it but I would do it in a minute as long as i had some control over what was being advertised . that would be the best paying job I could het and still be home with my kids

  • itskitt By itskitt

    You bet we would!

  • kbarlow By kbarlow

    No doubt about it.. I would let anyone put an ad on my house if they were going to pay my mortgage.

  • terryllacy By terryllacy

    I absolutely would. Our house note has gone up 1/3 due to insurance and taxes! Which is very very sad! I dont know how my HOA would feel about it though!

  • basilandcatnip By basilandcatnip

    Depending on the message and how the advertising graphics is done it could be fun. But I'd hate to see how quickly HOAs and city code compliance would be mailing out letters or placing fines. And you might lose a few neighbors as friends.

  • Jennafer By Jennafer

    dang disappointing that i live in the middle of nowhere I would do it in a minute whether my hubby said yay or nay

  • luckyme By luckyme

    I absolutely would do it.

  • prplbttrfly By prplbttrfly

    I would do this in a heartbeat, especially since they paint your house back to the original color when the ad campagin is done.

  • msfriendly By msfriendly

    Wow... I can see the motivation for people to do this, but I think it's really tacky!

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