Puristics Intensive Eye Treatment

Puristics Intensive Eye Treatment

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This product hydrates and moisturizes my skin so well. Other than the pump making it difficult to get the product out, i really like it. I now use it daily and so far love the results. I will definitely continue to purchase in the future!!

I love this stuff. It is very thick, goes on smooth, and instantly makes my eyes look better. I have 3 different eye creams and I will never go back to them after trying puristics. LOVE it and highly recommend it.

I really like this product. It feel good on my eyes and doesn't feel too greasy which I find a problem with quite a few eye creams. I think it also has helped with reducing eye puffiness that I have been experiencing lately.

good eye cream but I need extra water

Good eye cream but I'm not very disciplined at using it. I like the product itself. Light, easy to apply, love the dispenser as opposed to a tiny little pot of eye cream that my fingers don't fit into. All in all, it's a good product. I would buy it again.

Really have to give this a failing mark only due to the fact that I have been pumping and nothing comes out.. Doesn't appear that the little pumper is broken. There were no specific instructions on having to prime it to get it to work. So sorry guys/girls this will have to get a failing mark from me.

I agree with the other reviewers that it took quite a bit of effort to get out of the pump the first time. But now its a daily part of my routine. I love the consistency and how smooth it makes my eyes feel. I have sensitive skin and this product doesn't bother my skin at all. Great stuff and will for sure purchase more.

I had difficulty getting the product out but once I did, it felt wonderful around my eyes! I could feel it tighten my skin as it absorbed. I would recommend this to friends and would love to make it a part of my daily routine.

Oh how my tired eyes loved this!!! I had no trouble using it.So a big thumps up on this!

I really like this product! I love what the company stands for. I love how sociable they are on Twitter & Facebook. I love the coupons and sales that they offer. The eye cream is a nice, thick cream that absorbs well and lasts all night long. I've been using it for a week an I really like it. I think it's fragrance-free, because I don't remember smelling anything when I use it. The pump is a bit tricky to start, but you can do it! Just pump 50x or turn it over and bang it on the table with the lid on. It just needs to get started--yay for thick formulas! I'm only giving 4 stars because it's too soon to really know if it's working.

So far I really like this product. I haven't had any trouble getting it to come out of the bottle. Im not sure if it reduces wrinkles or firms yet, but it feels really good going on.

I really, really like this eye cream. So far. Non-greasy, non-scented. I can put my makeup on over it. And, yes, I had to make a couple of attempts to get it to come out of the bottle. I thought the pump was broken. Keep trying. I bet it will eventually work for you.

I love this item. It does not irritate my eye area and goes on great. I also love that there is no fragrance since I can not tolerate fragrances well. Thanks for sending this I will be buying this product

perfect moisturizer for any part of the face, lightweight, non-greasy, no scent, feels really smooth & n atural

Well, a little too soon to tell if is going to work, but it did feel nice when I put it on. I am going to use it around my lip area also. Hope it will work. I also had a hard time getting it to come out. I wondered if it was broke, finally after about 20 or so pumps it showed up. It felt light on my skin and no scent like it said.