Purina Tidy Cats Immediate Odor Control Cat Litter

Purina Tidy Cats Immediate Odor Control Cat Litter

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Awesome Tidy cats is mine and my cats favorite little. We've used this with all our cats over the years. They seem to like it, and it works really well for me also. I love that it is clumping litter.

Great product only thing that ever made my apartment not smell like cat

This cat litter is great! My cats are very picky about the kind of litter they will use and they had absolutely no problem using this. The odor control and clumping was phenomenal! I will definitely be using this from now on and will recommend it to my friends.

Easy to use nice scent. Cat seems to like it. 😽

I have 3 cats and I never have a problem with odor using Tidy Cat. I do find this to be quite dusty especially when pouring it in. But I would rather have a little dust then a smelly litter box. The price is also right. Tidy Cat is very reasonably priced!

my cat will not use this product. he hates the huge pieces of clay. they get stuck in his paws.

I give this litter 4 stars for odor control, however I would rate it much lower for clumping power. Quite surprised that this particular product did not clump as well as other products from Tidy Cats. I love Tidy Cats litters, especially the one with the Glade air freshener scent in it, it always clumps well and is only slightly dusty. This litter could use some improvement in the lasting clumps department, they just break apart too easily.

Works great, but very dusty. My cats like it.


It's alright, it keeps the smell away better than other products but it has so much dust and sadly it doesn't squeeze in the pee into a ball like other products...

very happy with this product, controls smells much better than the wood pellets

It's an average litter. I don't expect much in the nutrition department from a company that makes cheap, low quality pet food full of fillers and by products, but the litter isn't great either. It's basically a bag of tiny rocks that causes mass quantities of dust to fly into the air when poured, shifted, and sifted. It is poor in the clumping department, poor in the odor control department- you could always smell the urine in it from walking in the door- and poor at lasting very long. Once urine is left in it, it crumbles so severely when scooped that it breaks apart and scatters all over the box. This also happens when the cat buries. The result is having to dump the entire thing much much sooner and having to scrub the bottom -where the urine collects- much more often. It tracks all over the floor and gets stuck between cat's paws. I recommend either the Blue walnut or the Clump & Seal. I will never go back.

Tidy Cats works well for my two cat house. Clumping could be better.

This stuff works well to cover up odors, but it doesn't clump nearly as much as I would like it to. When we use this I make sure to clean out the box every day since if the cat jumps in and digs around all the urine unclumps.

My cat has been using this litter for a couple of years. I have no complaints other than the dust. Most litters have dust even when they say they don't. I have never had issues with a stinky litter box because I scoop it often. I would recommend this product to others.