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  • tammy1971 By  tammy1971    

    Purina One Cat Food

    Having 12 cats of different ages, can be a little tricky when feeding them, because not all of them like the samething... I have went thru trying different brands but, then I came across Purina One and my 12 cats really like it a lot, and they don't get sick from it... I just wish it was not so pricey

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  • Wine-a-little By  Wine-a-little    

    Purina One cat food is one of the only brands I trust for my kitties. I have one adult cat and one kitten. Although the kitten has her own kitten food she still sneaks some of this food in! However, they get dry food throughout the day and not once have my cats gotten sick on the food. Some brands they throw up on so I trust what I know and keep it simple for them. It can be kind of pricey but it is worth it for our feline friends.

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  • MeowMars007 By  MeowMars007    

    I bought this for my foster cats/kittens a few years ago because it's cheap and I figured that once they were adopted out,chances are that their new owners would be uneducated about pet food and possibly cheap and end up on something like this anyways. That was a mistake. The ingredients in this food are terrible, but it also gives them very stinky bowel movements. It was also hard to keep my own cats from poking an arm into the cage and eating pieces which is NOT okay. I ultimately decided that it was much more worthwhile to just buy them a lower priced grain-free food that I didn't have to worry about my cats eating. If you love your cat, AVOID Purina and of course anything with a cute name and fish and mouse flavored pieces in orange and green. Do your research.

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  • AnneEMart By  AnneEMart    

    Our cats love this food. It has made their coats shiny and they are healthy active cats.

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  • iDachs By  iDachs    

    My vet recommended this food many years ago. At that time it was the best food for male cats bc it reduced the chanced of kidney stones. He lived to be a old old man.. (The cat.. not the vet.. sheeesh) He was at least 20 years old.. He was 20 when my husband took him from me and left..

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  • helenallredlpc By  helenallredlpc    

    We were feeding our cats a pricier food and needed to cut costs across the board. We researched ingredients and found Purina One to be an excellent substitute. They immediately ate the chicken and have come to enjoy the turkey and salmon varieties. We usually buy a couple of different kinds and mix them. No health problems or negative changes and it is a big money saver for us! Thank you Purina!!

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  • sarasponda By  sarasponda    

    My cats love the taste of Purina products. I buy this every now and again in bulk (20-40lbs).

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  • lilacpony By  lilacpony    

    This is the only food I feed my four babies and they are healthy and in great condition. Not to mention they love this food!

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  • Blaze65 By  Blaze65    

    This cat food was recommended by my cousin and sence my cat has been on it his hair is shiny and has had no problems with hairballs

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  • sablelulu By  sablelulu    

    My cats ,Sable and Smokie joe has been on Purina One mixed with Indoor Purina cat chow for over 7yrs . I also get the hair ball one because my Sable is a long hair Madona Calico (one in 300.000) she is a beautiful cat with the most long hair i have ever seem on a cat . I thought all these yrs she was a Maine Coon but a vet told me different Purina One with hair ball med in it has stopped my cats from ever having hairballs. They are (i guess ) in their waste This is so great . It really works and would'nt change it ever . Thanks Purina for a wonderful product

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  • STEMPhD By  STEMPhD    

    I usually don't feed my three cats dry food because they seem to gain weight really quickly (they're all spayed female housecats). I've been doing an experiment this month though, and have given this them a few times a week in addition to their usual wet food regimen. My cats seem to love it, and they haven't gained any weight...this would be a huge money saver if I can ween them off wet food and onto dry food full time.

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  • MyEmptyCanvas By  MyEmptyCanvas    

    My cats absolutely adore Purina One cat food. Kind if pricey though.

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  • waustin By  waustin    

    My cats have been on Purina One for over a decade. One is 18 years old and has the health and vitality of a 5 year old, with only a little hint of glaucoma. My vet is always amazed at healthy my animals are.

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