Purina Busy Chewnola Dog Treat

Purina Busy Chewnola Dog Treat

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I thought this would be something new and a special treat for our dog. It probably would still be good (if not made in China, I didn't look to see then), but only used outdoors as it was very messy.

My Chihuahua loves these. Pretty good value considering there's 2 in the package and they keep him entertained for quite a while I just wish they made minis for the smaller fur babies out there.

My puppy loved it, but does make a huge mess

My pups love these bones. I live in MD and travel to PA frequently and take my dogs with me most times. My dogs are small and these keep them busy for the whole round trip. They love munching on them in their crates while making the two hour drive. The granola ones do get messy and stuck in their fur, so I buy the ones without the granola instead and they love them just the same.

My beagle loves these but they are messy so we've switched him to the ones without the granola stuff on the outside. Think they are called just Busy Rollhide or something like that.

This is a favored treat of our beagle. She has a ritual that goes along with getting a Busy Bone Chewnola, she rubs her scent on it before she eats it, and her tail never stops wagging as she chews til nothing is left. The only downside of this item is the crumbs it leaves behind, but if it makes my beagle happy it is worth the clean up!

My boxer, Winston loves these. They are messy, so they are an outside only treat.

My two beagles love these. Can be kind of messy though if your dog doesn't eat all the crumbs off the floor like mine do. Also noticed some crumbs stuck to their fur.

Our dog just loved these. Will recommend them!!

My dog seemed to like the flavor much more than the Busy Bones, but it didn't keep him busy long.

My two small dogs like these but wish Purina would make them in minis

My dog loves them but they don't seem to keep her busy for long.

My dog loves these things. She eats them so darn fast that they don't keep her busy long enough for me.

My dogs really like this treat. it doesn't last very long for the size when you give it to big dogs. I don't really notice a smell associated with these treats. Petsmart often has them on sale for less than $3.00, so with a coupon these are pretty cheap to buy.

My dog did not like this bone at all. She usually eats everything in site but for some reason she would not touch his bone