Purina Breeze Cat Litter System

Purina Breeze Cat Litter System

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Breeze I have two cats and this system is a blessing. The pads last a week and the litter doesn't get tracked through my home like other brands.

I love when my clients have these! Very easy to clean and extremely convenient! Probably not great for households with more than 2 cats if you don't scooping out the litterbox every day.

The Greatest Litter ever! I have 3 cats and use 2 pans. All my friends come in my home and don't know I have cats until they see them. Only time it smells is when pads need changed, or needs poop scooped. I would love to see improved higher walls so cats don't kick out pellets. But overall the best we have ever used. I tell all my friends and family. Wish they would put out coupons for refills not just to purchase the system. If you hate cleaning up all the trails from your clay cat litter and the dreaded bottom of the pan mess . I suggest everyone try this. It is so easy to clean. My cats don't have dirty paws anymore, One of our cats always washed his paws to get the clay out from between his toes and now we have clean water, no paw prints all over my house. Can't praise it enough.

I liked this I really did. My only thing about this is it started getting a bit too expensive buying a few pads each time it needed some. If your cat gets diarrhea which they are cats same us once and awhile it'll happen they do. It will get stuck to the bottom unlike kitty litter that you'll have to clean away and in-between the slits that the pee goes down into. The good thing about this product is that unlike kitty litter it doesn't stink up your room you have it in. It doesn't have a lingering smell that kitty litter has when you own a cat. My cat loves to use this and I was partly afraid she wouldn't since it didn't have that dirty type feel but she goes just the same. It's doesn't have all that dust kitty litter does which is Cool. Once and awhile you can also find coupons to buy the extra items too.

I love this product. I have a multi cat household and this system works great. There is no smell and the clean up is very simple. The cats don't track the litter every where and my family doesn't have to step in it like with so many other clay based litters. In addition my feline friends love it too.

I really like this system. The main reason I decided to try it was to prevent litter from being tracked all over my house. This product did just that. One thing I would say however is that I wish they would make a hood for it. The litter can be noisy, plus I just hate looking at it all day.

I have a lot of indoor cats and I'm constantly changing the litter and hauling it up the hill to the trash. I've been using pine pellets (actually buying horse bedding from feed store - it's just a little bit bigger in pellet size compared to the pine litter marketed for cat litter - and about 4 times cheaper!) which turn to sawdust when the cats urinate. You can hardly smell the cat odors. When I saw the Breeze Litter System I was very excited and purchased 4 of them right away. While the idea is terrific, and may work for smaller cats, my big house-cats would fill up the tray in no time and they were not at all comfortable with the small size of the Breeze litter box. I would have to change the "diaper" ASAP or else urine would overflow from the tray and make a huge mess. I liked the idea of "reusable" litter but wondered how sanitary it was. I would even rinse the pellets in a little bit of bleach and water because I knew some of their urine remained on the pellets. It did make the trash much lighter, therefore easier to carry, and I'm sure the guy dealing with my trash at every pickup was happy to see the can lighter as well! But... I had to quit using the litter system - it was just way too small for my cats. I wish they had come out with different size systems. I might reconsider. And I wished they had made the walls higher. I have some boy cats that "over-shoot", so I have to use plastic storage containers as litter boxes.

We've never had the opportunity to try it and would really like to get a chance to review it. If you are looking for a person to give an honest opinion, we are your folks. We have 3 full grown cats and one is 7 and as they get older, the smell gets worse. Let us know, send it to me at charlotte hess 6100 woodlake drive NE apt 101 Palm Bay, Fl 32905

I wish I could've gotten this, but I already use it....so I'm glad others got to try it out. I love this system and WILL NEVER go back to clay litter! It's easy to use and my cats don't smell like litter anymore. They aren't tracking clu...mped litter on their buns or paws either. I have 3 cats and all of them use the boxes I have set up for them (I have 2 boxes....would love a third, but haven't gotten it yet.). I just change that pad ever week, pellets once a month and presto all good to go. I have the boxes in the restroom and I take out the "refuse" from the box and flush it away. I have a septic system too and don't have any problems. It took my older two cats about a month to switch over. I tried it the way the system said, but ended up cutting the cats off cold turkey from their old "potty". They had no choice and I had it nice and clean for them. The only one who started from the beginning with it was the youngest cat I have here. She looked at the clay and snubbed her little nose at it. I hope this system will not go away, ever. And....if she speaks is ever so inclined to offer me another "test run" for the product....I'll do it! I already have 4 of my cat owner friends switched over to this system because of the way I rave on and on about it!

I was really excited to try this but I was actually disappointed in it. Our cats only seemed to pee in it and preferred the old litter box instead. The pee pad didn't seem to absorb as much as it should... we were constantly changing the pad. It is more economical for us to stick with the clumping litter, as the pads and pellets don't seem to last long for the price

LOVE this!! Its made my life so much easier. As an Army wife w/ a deployed husband, 2 small children, 2 cats and 4 dogs the less I have to mess w/the litter box the better. I hate traditional scopping litter. Its messy, stinky, and wasteful. This is great tho. I change the pad about once a week. Whenever I go to walmart I pick up a pack. It costs not more for the pads/litter than normal scooping litter. I also saw the pads in bigger packages through ebay. Now that I'm hooked on it, I'll order in bulk. Try it.... you'll be amazed at how much easier this will make your life!

love it and just talked hubby into trying it. he hates the litter box but loves the cats and this seems to be a great solution :) thanks for such a great, complete review it really helped

I have both a traditional litter box in the laundry room and a Breeze system in the bathroom for my cat. He likes the Breeze and he didn't hesitate to use it the first time, but he still seems to prefer the other box most of the time. When he does use the Breeze it's nearly always just for peeing, but if that was the only box available I'm sure he'd use it for everything. My only complaint is that we do still get a bit of a mess. The litter doesn't track out of the box, but there's nothing to keep them from kicking it out on purpose! I find it several feet away and sometimes out in the hallway. I like the box though, and have had no problem whatsoever with odor. Even if I stretch the time between pad changes I still can't smell anything when I take out the tray.