Purina Beneful Healthy Growth Puppy Dog Food

Purina Beneful Healthy Growth Puppy Dog Food

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My favorite brand of dog food and my dogs love it! It keeps them so healthy and happy!

Terrible ingredients. No dog I've come across likes to eat it. Would never recommend it.

This product is horrible! I would definitely not recommend buying this product for your puppies. It is filled with by-products and fillers.

My dog was only eating our cats food for awhile... but I switched her food to this and now she will finally eat her own food and the cat can enjoy his.

This is a terrible dog food. It is filled with bi products and corn.

If I could give this a lower rating I would. This is one of the absolute worst foods available!! Trust me! Please, I beg you to read the label!! What's the first ingredient? Corn? Animal by-products? Google this food and you will find it is killing dogs. Please, Run, don't walk to your nearest pet store and ask them what you can feed your most precious companion. Tell them you want no corn and no by-products and the first ingredient should be MEAT. Real Meat!! And if you have cats, please look at what you are feeding them too. If you don't have a pet store nearby, there are good foods in the grocery stores and even Walmart, you just have to read the label. Stepping down off of my soap box now...

We have a now 3 year old Aussie. When we first got him as a puppy we fed him just the average dry dog food brand. Big mistake on our part. He started having bad issues with dry skin. We tried everything including oatmeal dog shampoo to help make him comfortable and heal his skin. After talking with our vet she recommended switching his food. That's when we started looking deeper into what exactly was in most dog foods on the market. Beneful was the only one that we felt had the best nutrition and didn't cost an arm and a leg. Once we switched to Beneful his skin cleared up and we haven't had problems since! Now we buy it in bulk!

We feed our dog only domestically made dog food that is made with real ingredients. Purina is one of the only brands that delivers food that meets our expectations at a price that won't break the bank. Moses loves beneful because it has so many different flavors. He would eat it constantly if he could get into the container.

My dog would eat an entire bag of Beneful if I'd let him. He can't get enough of this stuff and I enjoy the price and that the bag will rezip!

I find that this food is a bit too greasy for my pup. This being said, she ended up with the runs from it. Went back to the good old standby "Purina Puppy Chow"

Our doggie LOVES this food! And I LOVE the resealable top for freshness!

This is the only kind of dog food that my puppy likes. She prefers this brand over the other brands.

We just adopted a puppy from the shelter on 6-19-2011. She had some tummy troubles when we got her and as a result had a lot of accidents during the first few days. We had an adult dog who was doing well on Beneful so we put her on Beneful Puppy and she loves it. She is gaining weight and her stools are back to normal. Thanks Purina for making this product.