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  • shumardizzle By  shumardizzle    

    Good product

    My husky/German Shepherd loves them! He will do tricks just to get one

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  • KatieHopkins By  KatieHopkins    

    Dogs like them but they are unhealthy...

    My dogs both seem to love these little strips but I am concerned about the ingredients. I only give them to them as a RARE treat because of the nutritional value of these snacks. I wish they made a "healthier" version and I would be happy to reward our pups with these more often.

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  • Pitlover17 By  Pitlover17    

    Good enough

    Not the best treat in the world my girl definitely likes them.

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  • Heathers2980 By  Heathers2980    

    Beggin Strips

    Beggin strips always get my little dogs attention. She loves them.

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  • SandersJessicaL By  SandersJessicaL    

    You know that saying will work for or whatever for.... Well my dog will do just about anything for Beggin Strips and she absolutely loves these treats above and beyond any others I've tried with her!!!

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  • sheila2013 By  sheila2013    

    dogs really like them, but i wont give them too many

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  • Kaseyk123 By  Kaseyk123    

    I have never given these to a dog that didn't like them!

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  • irishmomofthree By  irishmomofthree    

    Not so good for dogs but they like them

    All of my dogs have enjoyed these treats. I don't feel like it's a great snack; not much nutritional value and not for dogs with weight issues. But she does like them.

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  • diharpie By  diharpie    

    Puppy doesn't like.

    The smell to me is unbearable. Puppy won't even touch them.

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  • julierae By  julierae    

    Great for occasional treat

    My dogs love these. I have a Pomeranian and a poodle mix. The Pomeranian LOVES the flavor and the chewiness. The poodle requires that her treat be broken up into small bites but she will gobble these up also. I can't imagine that they're really healthy---just as real bacon is not especially healthy for humans---but an occasional treat is fine.

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  • barbiesbubbles By  barbiesbubbles    

    A winner!

    My dog is madly in love with these treats. They don't smell like bacon, really...and I assume they don't taste like actual bacon. But, she begs for them and will do most any trick to get them - every day!

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  • smokies_girl By  smokies_girl    

    Don't Feed Garbage

    Anyone who feeds these to their dogs obviously doesn't care about their well-being. This treat has absolutely no nutritional value, is made with by-products, and has had too many recalls. It's equivalent to garbage.

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  • BreezyFbaby By  BreezyFbaby    

    Dogs love it. Me? Not so much

    My dog act like it's Crack...lol I very rarely give it to them because it's so unhealthy.

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  • ArianWolf By  ArianWolf    

    Not a healthy treat by any standards, but my dogs do enjoy them as an occasional treat. They aren't their favorite though.

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  • sandyhartman By  sandyhartman    

    I have a yorkie ho is very picky about her snacks but this is one she will go for.

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