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  • Kclift By  Kclift    

    Amazing for Sensitive Skin

    We actually JUST bought a jug of this from our local Family Fresh store. I LOVE Purex because it's so afforable and the quality is amazing. The Ultra Free and Clear is PERFECT because our 3 yo has extremely sensitive skin. He breaks out over pretty much everything, but not this. It's great for these sensitive guys/gals!

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  • Indotspire By  Indotspire    

    I recently switched to using this instead of the other laundry cleaner I purchased frequently. I love it. Everyone in my family has sensitive skin and no one has complained once.

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  • kelseakruger By  kelseakruger    

    This detergent is absolutely wonderful. I've used it to wash my son's clothes as a newborn, because it is SO MUCH cheaper than actual baby detergent. Gets the clothes clean+no skin reactions for newborn = happymama.

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  • lickysplitnik By  lickysplitnik    

    Perfect For washing clothes for children and adults who have allergies it was buy one get one get two free

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  • lmc4914 By  lmc4914    

    This is good for the price..

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  • sonya_mind1967 By  sonya_mind1967    

    This works so well. My granddaughter and son has to use it and it really works.

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  • bundiestar By  bundiestar    

    I like the product but not love

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  • Rhiannon0207 By  Rhiannon0207    

    My lucky son inherited my skin condition - extreme eczema. It covered his face and his torso. The dermatologist suggested that we wash all of our clothes (not just his) in Ultra Purex Free & Clear until his skin began to heal. I was worried that it wouldn't get our clothes clean enough -- my husband works on a farm and comes home covered in stuff I don't even want to guess what it is. Our clothes came clean - they smelled good - and this combined with the creams they put my son on his skin cleared up in no time.

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  • Geligurl By  Geligurl    

    This detergent was great because it took all stains out yet it was very gentle to my sensitive skin.

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  • MissELF By  MissELF    

    I use this detergent for my toddler who has Eczema. It cleans the clothes pretty well, doesn't break out her skin and is fairly priced,

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  • KMoore82 By  KMoore82    

    I was using this on my children's clothes, I actually wound up throwing almost a whole bottle of this in the trash. My kids have eczema so they need the free and clear detergent in their clothes, and Tide kinda expensive so we figured we would try this. I was having to wash my kids clothes 2-3 times for a small load just to get them clean with this detergent. I would not recommend any ever buying this.

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  • BeckyL0201 By  BeckyL0201    

    love purex!

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  • LosBrowns By  LosBrowns    

    I had a couple of bottles of Ultra Purex Free & Clear sitting on my wooden kitchen table, and left them there until I would make my next trip to my laundry room in the basement. The product leaked and ate through the paint on my kitchen table. I contacted the manufacturer, and had the manager from the store that I purchased them from return the product to the company. After receiving a return authorization number, I have received no response from the company in over a month, and seem to want to ignore a problem. I just want to warn consumers that for a product that states, "no perfumes or dyes, hypoallergenic, dermatologist tested, and ideal for sensitive skin", this product is not as gentle as you think it would be if it could eat through the paint on a wooden table.

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