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  • smartlady By  smartlady    

    I use this product everyday in my coffee and tea ,it taste good and it is healthier than regular sugar.

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  • Yesak77 By  Yesak77    

    My nutritionist recommended I try some stevia, and I chose to go with Purevia. It tastes awful. I made a pot of green tea with it, and it was just so bitter and tasted like chemicals! I know that is weird to say of a plant based product, but I couldn't force myself to drink more than a few sips of the tea.

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  • Malatorre By  Malatorre    

    Stevia came recommended by my nutritionist. I tried serveral Stevia products. I felt this had the best texture and taste. It melts well in my coffee which is where I mainly use it. I find the best price on it is at Target. It also helped me reduce my blood sugar levels.

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  • dandg7 By  dandg7    

    I wouldn't consume this, I have heard all kinds of stories about the harmful ingredients in these "fake" sugars and even shocking ones on how these companies tried to cover up these facts from the public, don't let the crisp, green packaging fool you into thinking it's safe and natural, do your research!

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  • MarieVonLove By  MarieVonLove    

    Being a Diabetic, I know how hard it is to curb your sugar fix without raising your blood sugar level. Purevia is made out of an herb called Stevia which is known to help lower blood sugar than raising it. After searching for a sweetener without chemicals, I found it. I noticed a dramatic change in my blood sugar and I highly recommend this to anyone. It's the same as any other sugar and each packet is around two table spoons worth of sugar.

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