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  • Author image By kott25
    09.13.18   Edit

    These look absolutely delicious!

  • Author image By Beckyl456
    06.18.16   Edit


  • Author image By adetone
    11.27.12   Edit

    this looks really good

  • Author image By ValAnnNicole
    09.18.12   Edit

    The perfect way to start the fall season with some seasonal pumpkin pleasure! I'm so excited to try this!!

  • Author image By AvonShay
    09.14.12   Edit

    Looks delicious and I love how easy the recipe is. Even I can do that! :)

  • Author image By sappymomof2
    09.13.12   Edit

    Sound great but how long do you bake and at what temp?

  • Author image By kthomas
    09.13.12   Edit

    sooooooooo easy, and soooooooooo yummy!

  • Author image By RedRobin75
    09.12.12   Edit

    These sound so amazing. Recently purchased several cans of pumpkin, so this will be in the oven early tomorrow morning. Thank you Mary J.

  • Author image By KamrynKohler
    06.16.12   Edit

    YUMMERS! I love these!

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