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Publix Supermarkets

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Publix has the best customer service I love my Publix. Publix has the best customer service. Each time I go in the store, the employees are so friendly, smiling and always asking if there is something they can help you with. I love the fresh meats. I love that you can match Publix coupons with Manufacturer coupons and get more off on the product. I have never had an issue with anything at this store. If there is something you have a question about, or a product, they will research it for you. I have also been to the pharmacy many times to get vaccinations.

Shopping at Publix is a Pleasure! I love Publix and the big selection you can choose from. I like the BOGO's and savings available at Publix. Everyone at my two Publix are very helpful. Shopping at Publix is a Pleasure!

I disagree that their prices are on the higher side. I've been to other grocery stores that are more expensive. They have weekly bogo deals, good coupons. The customer service is good.

Love Publix The prices are a little on the higher side, though not among the most expensive out there. With that being said, they have an incredible assortment of products and brands, including a high-quality store brand. They're very good to their employees, as well, with a store full of happy, helpful staff that work to ensure that all the customers are kept as happy as possible and store is tidy.

Prices are higher than other supermarkets but they make really good subs/hoagies.

I LOVE PUBLIX! Their stores are clean, they have the best Deli and Bakery items and you can't find better produce anywhere. I can't afford to buy everyday items here as they are pricey but I will splurge and but my meat and produce here. Much better quality than anywhere else.

Friendly, clean, helpful, and great customer service. They just need to do something about their high prices and sometimes bad produce.

I give them 5 stars for friendliness, cleanliness, and variety of products. But only 1 star for prices. They are expensive. The buy one get one free is about the only real sale. They don't have very good coupons, or match competitors ads. I love the on-line deli ordering, fabulous to just go pick up your sandwich or meat skipping the line!!

Expensive, but their sales and the customer service is A++.

Love publix. Fresh grocery shopping. Bit pricey.

I love Publix! Some of their items can be pricey, so it's best to get items when they're on sale. I really like their buy one get one free sales. They are also very coupon friendly, which is important to me. The staff are always helpful and courteous. My only complaint is that there isn't one a little bit closer to where I live.

Publix offers a wide variety of food, from it's own generic brand to gourmet brands. It gets PRICEY though, so it isn't my first choice to do my shopping. I like their hot foods and their ready to go foods, they are pretty good. I like to shop at Publix, but I have a large family so it has priced itself out of my family.

Great quality grocery store, excellent customer service!

This store is expensive! However - that being said, this store also has some of the highest quality foods available for purchase without going to an organic store. We love being able to get our meat straight from the counter and the butcher recognizes us when we go in. The staff are very friendly and are always more than happy to help you out to the car. We've never had a problem with Publix and the customer service there is excellent. If you bust open a package on the way home, you can bring it back to them and they will exchange it for you, no questions asked, even if the accident was "your fault". They are worth the extra money spent.

My favorite grocery store! The staff is always very kind and they go out of their way to help me. I love that they let you order items they carry if you are making a big purchase so that you don't clear the shelf. Publix is the most coupon friendly grocery store around! They have awesome sales!