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Propel® Powder packets with Calcium help you to go beyond hydration— so you can keep your momentum up all day! Available in three refreshing flavors—Cherry Lime, Citrus Punch and Lemonade.

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Our SheSpeaks’ programs are built on the SheSpeaks Promise, and it’s important to us that blog readers know that the product you’re posting about was provided by Propel®. We believe that it is in the best interest of our clients, our members, and your blog readers that everyone know the source of the product. There are two ways to disclose the SheSpeaks relationship: by mentioning it in the text of your post, with a link to our site, or with one of the following badges:

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*The following images have been provided by Propel® Powder and may be downloaded from this site. SheSpeaks grants permission to reproduce these images for use in your blog.*