SHESPEAKS Your Power to Influence

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Now that you’ve agreed to be a part of our Frozen, Shaken or Stirred? Tap into your POW(D)ER promotion, let’s go over the rules…

First, you have to take a
short survey about the contest. (Three questions!)

If you don't have access to this email, only invited members get access but if you really want to participate we may be able to squeeze you in!


Second, write up a short blurb to post on your blog telling your readers about this contest. 

The post must include:

Frozen, Shaken, Stirred?  Tap into your POW(D)ER!

Propel is looking for the best powder recipe.

A link to the rules and regulations page 


Third, when your readers add their comments and great recipe suggestions come just send them to us via email to, either copy and paste in the email or download in Excel and attach to your email.  For star points you can always send us video!

Of course, we’ll be following all the blogs and will share various entry ideas with Propel® and our own social channels such as Twitter (@shespeaksup), Facebook (, etc.

The chosen winner and the blogger who referred them will each receive:

          o 12 boxes of Propel Powder Packets with Calcium
          o An Apple iPad

 The first 350 bloggers to participate by sending their entries will receive:

    * A Propel® t-shirt
    * A Propel® water bottle

act fast because this challenge will end on July 7th.  Only the first 2 weeks of comments can be entered in the challenge from the first date you post to two weeks after. Posts or comments after July 7th will not be considered.

How to Submit:
Email your blog post URL, date of first Propel Blogger Challenge post, attach an excel download of all Propel Powder reader comments, or paste them into an email and send to