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  • kilehiggins By  kilehiggins    

    I love lemonade. This has a VERY strong lemon flavor. If you are not into the stong flavor then only use half the packet. I love the Propel bottles too!

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  • awheel3er By  awheel3er    

    The flavor is too strong for the recommended amount and I don't love the type of sugar substitute used.

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  • couchfamily93 By  couchfamily93    

    It had a very good flavor to it with no aftertaste. It is really nice for hot summer days to keep you hydrated. I use it for my daughter when she is playing on her volleyball team. She is diabetic and it help to keep her hydrated and keeps her blood sugar more stable so that she doesn't go love. I of course love the convenience of them too.

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  • topdogmom696 By  topdogmom696    

    I tried this just for the extra vitamins and minerals. It tasted grate and I would definitely recommend it.

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  • savyshopper By  savyshopper    

    We love this especially when we are going on hikes.. We love this product.

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  • lesh80 By  lesh80    

    Propel is great tasting and very convientant to carry around

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  • tylerkennedy By  tylerkennedy    

    this is so good. so portable, we keep an entire two boxes in the van, along with a case of water. we take them to the ball field and just hold our heads up high when we see people spending 3.00 on a bottle of premade kind when we just open our packet and pour it into our water that has been in an ice chest.

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  • karen4533001 By  karen4533001    

    I drink Propel, which I buy at Target, everyday. I love the fact that they don't have added coloring. That way, when I drip on my workout shirt, it doesn't show. I have recommended Propel to anyone who will listen.

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  • hardymem By  hardymem    

    Did not like it at all, it was not a good taste for me

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  • conlatda By  conlatda    

    I really like the convenience of these and the flavors are great. I will keep them handy when I am gardening. At 55 I love getting my calcium.

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  • maribelcruz0 By  maribelcruz0    

    Although they are easy to use and handy, they lack flavor. I disagree with it being powerfully sweet. I do like that they are calcium fortified and contain antioxidants. Will try giving to my kids to give them extra calcium in their diets.

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  • KLHunter By  KLHunter    


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  • mgreene247 By  mgreene247    

    I received the lemonade and it was great. I did find that I only needed1/2 pack for 16oz of water.

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  • MingMing By  MingMing    

    I LOVED IT, why didn't anyone think of this before. I hate the taste of milk, and will hardly drink water. Well this is the way I get both, water and calcium. The variety of flavors is good. It's so easy to pour it in a bottle of water and shake. My kids take some to school everyday. The won't leave home without some. Thanks for the sample and the coupons. Great product .

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  • gail14 By  gail14    

    I got the lemonade flavor and loved it - will definitely purchase this in the future

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