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  • DoctorPepper By  DoctorPepper    

    Great Soup

    Chicken gumbo soup is one of my favorite Progresso soups. It's very flavorful and not too spicy. Progresso soups are very healthy.

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  • creativeblogmom By  creativeblogmom    

    Great soups! Low sodium but still tasty. My daughter likes to put goldfish crackers in her soup and go fishing!

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  • AsiaDiva By  AsiaDiva    

    Progressive Soup is my first choice but not at first I had to get use to the taste of it. Because I so use eating soup. With lot of salt. I just eat have of servings now. I got use to the low sodium soups now.

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  • mmrodriquez07 By  mmrodriquez07    

    I'm not a huge fan of the Gumbo but I do like Progresso's approach to reducing the sodium!

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  • MichelleXBB By  MichelleXBB    

    This soup tastes nasty, and it could be heartier. Sea salt adds the flavor that is desperately needed.

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  • Junebug505 By  Junebug505    

    I think if you are sick and not feeling good this would be great.. It was a bit too bland for me, and had to add some seasonings to it for taste.

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  • Katkins1968 By  Katkins1968    

    Too bland has no flavor and sort of watery

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    super yummy, love the clam chowder soup, my favorite.

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  • dumplin17 By  dumplin17    

    So far, I have not found any soups that I like by Progresso, to me Campbell's is the best!

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  • goomba320 By  goomba320    

    I buy these soups for my husband, especially with reduced sodium...

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  • rbrr34 By  rbrr34    

    Very good tasting & great for a lunch or meal starter.

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  • Reyna1044 By  Reyna1044    

    Just looking at this picture makes me hungry!

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  • Pitterin By  Pitterin    

    Great taste without a heavy feeling afterwards. Low sodium ofter tasted like it's bland but not this....delicious!

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  • carliec By  carliec    

    I love all of Progresso soups, but the low sodium is even more attractive to me! Healthy and great tasting!!!

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  • barbara_wllms By  barbara_wllms    

    This was good but had to add a little sea salt to make it even better

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