Proctor & Gamble Head and Shoulders Dry Scalp Shampoo

Proctor & Gamble Head and Shoulders Dry Scalp Shampoo

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I use this product when I?m on a budget, it does help and it smells good.

Drying Used this product and it does the job, but it does tend to fry my scalp.

Me encanta Me encanta, deja tu cabello limpio, fresco, muy sedoso

The best! Head and shoulders is the only shampoo that relieves my scalp of itch

Head and Shoulders Classic Clean Shampoo I bought this product for my dry itchy scalp issues because people I know recommended it. First it did nothing to relieve my scalp and second it made my hair feel unhealthy. I did not like this product for scalp issues.

Make your hear great!! this is a beautiful product for your hear and for me it is working perfect.

Great for dandruff/flakes & even daily use Omg this product is such a life saver for me. I have seborreic dermatitis which can be very uncomfortable, I'll spare you all the details. I let this sit on my scalp for a few mins (wouldn't recommend if you have sensitive scalp) every time I wash my hair, which is about every 2 to 3 days and it works really well for me. I find it gentle enough to probably also use daily.

Use to be great? My husband has been using this product for many years and recently stated that I shouldn't buy it anymore since it doesn't seem to work at all. Said even the itchy head has came back.

Can't live without it! I have been using this product for many years it's the only thing I use on my hair,I just love it. It makes my hair look great and feel wonderful couldn't live without it.

NECESITY Only product that will keep my hair from being greasy after one day! They have 2 in 1 bottle for shampoo and conditioner or a body of each separately.

Great shampoo This shampoo is a favorite product in my household. Having two teenage boys with thick hair, they love it and refuse to use anything else.

No Dandruff I use this shampoo for dry scalp and dandruff issues. It really clean my hair very well. I use it once a week, I like it.

I can always count on not having to worry about flakes on my sholders when i use this shampoo. It also has cooling sent to it which makes my scalp feel cool and refreshed.

Favorite shampoo during Winter All I can say is what this product claims is 100% legit! I am currently here in Seoul, South Korea for short term visiting student and it is winter here at this moment. I don't know but, suddenly I got dandruff and it's grossed. The only product I think of is Head & Shoulders and all I can say is BYE BYE DANDRUFF! I highly recommend this and really effective!

I didn't care for this product. I bought a bottle of Head & Shoulders to help with a slight dandruff issue. After about two weeks of using this product, my dandruff was worst then before. I stopped using this product because my hair started falling out.