Private Selection  Gourmet Cookies

Private Selection Gourmet Cookies

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Good Cookies These cookies are pretty good. I like that there is a variety to choose from. My favorite cookies are homemade but if i can't have those these delicious, rich cookies will take the edge off.

Throat Punchable The White Chocolate Chip Macadamia Nut ones in these Private Selection take home packages are my favorite. Even my kids know I have the potential to throat punch a person if they get them before I do. Soft, chewy, sweet and delicious.

Great cookie I eat them all the time. I love cookies. They are always fresh and my family loves them. I always have cookies as a snack.

Great assortment Love the variety and they are great with coffee. Wonderful assortment for the family and guests.

Yummy assorted cookies. I love the assorted cookie paks. There is something, for everyone in there.

Ultimate Chocolate Chunk was my flavor of choice when I went with my coupon from Bzzagent for a free box of Private Selection Gourmet Cookies. After a discussion with my boyfriend of how nuts don't do much in the way of helping cookies, we picked the only flavor without them. I was impressed when I read the ingredients. Not many, most were natural. So far, so good. The 230 calories per cookie left a little to be desired, but I was going to roll with it. I bit into the cookie without reading the box. I wasn't prepared for this. This onslaught of chocolate. My immediately thought was, did you want some cookie with all those chocolate chunks? The cookie itself was bland and hard. I was expecting homemade style of gooey, chewy, soft, and melt in your mouth style of cookie. I could taste the sugar in every bite. My boyfriend looked disappointed and confirmed my suspicions when he said, 230 calories for this? I have the worst sweet tooth in the world. I could probably eat sweets for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and never get tired of it. These cookies were too much. I had to take a bite, put it down, come back, have another another bite, etc. I won?t be buying these again. This is the first disappointing item from Private Selection I've ever had.