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  • juljakakaka By  juljakakaka    

    don t likes this. Sorry.

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  • slpeterson22 By  slpeterson22    

    This polish definitely didn't hold up the way I thought it would. I painted my nails one morning before work, and by the time i was done with my shift it was chipping off... and that was with a top coat on.

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  • i_speaks By  i_speaks    

    I was excited to try this new brand of nail polish and especially excited about the royal blue color -- Swan River Daisy. Although the polish itself went on smooth, I had to put on 4 coats to get full coverage (otherwise I would have that uneven coverage/light streaks). I'll try it again (since I do have a full bottle), but this may be a toes only nail polish so no one will notice the unevenness. I do like the color and smoothness of the polish.

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