Princess Diana At 50 Photo: Done In Bad Taste?

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Princess Diana At 50 Photo:  Done In Bad Taste?
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Princess Diana will always be remembered as a graceful young woman who captured the attention of all, but one magazine has given us all a glimpse of the Princess as we’ve never seen her before. We’ve all heard of magazines doctoring photos to make celebrities look younger, but in Princess Diana’s case Newsweek has transformed her into a 50-year-old woman.

The magazine’s cover depicts a doctored photograph of the late princess, showing how she might have looked today, out on the town with new daughter-in-law Kate Middleton.

A recent report from People discusses whether the story, which hits newsstands this Friday, is in good taste or not. Newsweek editor-in-chief, Tina Brown, writes the corresponding story which predicts what type of life Princess Diana would have now had she not passed 14 years ago. Brown thinks Diana would now be living in New York City, regularly using Botox to keep her youthful appearance, and would have a large Twitter following.

Author Monica Ali is also asking the “what-if” questions in her latest book, “Untold Story” which tells a story of Princess Diana surviving the car-crash and faking her own death.

Tell us what you think of the Newsweek’s 50-year-old version of Princess Diana.

Is it tasteful or disrespectful?

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  • zipsue1 By zipsue1

    I was extremely sad to see the lack of respect to Princess Diana's sons & to her memory.

  • pixelpusher By pixelpusher

    Very unworthy of Newsweek magazine. Hurtful and distasteful.

  • jlanaux By jlanaux

    Bad form!!!! And Newsweek used to be a pretty good magazine.

  • Pansey By Pansey

    Leave the poor woman alone. Give her back her dignity.

  • tartan94 By tartan94

    This is a gross misuse of "reporting", which requires some level of responsibility to humanity, and which seems to have been forgotten here. I hope many cancel their subscriptions and stop buying at the newsstands. The editor should be ashamed.

  • ajhenloc By ajhenloc

    definitely a non-reporter report. stupid idea. what do we think Benjamin Franklin would look like today?

  • marip1 By marip1

    I agree with everyone. What a horrible thing to do.

  • mallstatter By mallstatter

    Very sad that they had to stoop to that level.. They should just them all alone..

  • klokopville By klokopville

    This isn't news, it's just speculation and bad taste as well. I have a headline: 'Tina Brown in one week'; The story about an editor in chief who prints a retraction and issues a formal apology to the Royal Family. .

  • crazylena By crazylena

    Very poor taste! There's not much else that needs to be said.

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