Presto Poplite Hot Air Corn Popper

Presto Poplite Hot Air Corn Popper

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Awesomeness love this popcorn maker We have popcorn on friday nights and we make a bar for all kinds of toppings and this maker helps us make popcorn fast

I have been owning mine for over 30 years. Easy to clean, quick to use. Neighbors are always asking to borrow it.

Love it I love this air popper it never disappoints my family.great quality sturdy brand very affordable and easy to use and always pops delicious popcorn everytime. Love my presto products!

Must have This is a must have! We love ours and air popped is the only way we eat popcorn now.

Love it We had one of these when I was a kid, and it was great. I acquired one from a roommate in 2000. I still have it. Still works great. Made popcorn in it 2 days ago. Easy enough for my 10 year old to use.

Better taste, better health I've had this forever. I love it. It does a great job popping and doesn't leave you with burnt popcorn like microwave popcorn does. Highly recommend

Delicious Popcorn I love this popcorn popper because it is an easy way to make healthy popcorn at home without a microwave and without oil. I have been using this for a while and it is simple to use and all it takes is some popcorn kernels. It pops up fast and makes a great healthy snack. I definitely recommend this for families and it makes a great gift.

Burnt popcorn I bought this item at walmart and used it once before it started burning kernels and had to return it. The next one I got did the same thing. Maybe walmart got a bad batch who knows?

Easy and Less Wasteful We used to buy microwaved popcorn and the bags would either burn on the bottom or a lot of the popcorn wouldn't pop. I finally bought us one of these and some kernels and this is so much better. Just fill the little dish on top with kernels. When the popcorn popper is warmed up, pour the kernels in there and put the little dish back on top. The kernels heat up, pop and the popcorn will come out of the front. It's that easy! It saves us money and wastes less kernels. We love it!

Healthy popcorn. Works great. Love it. I'm on my second one just because I broke the top of the old one that I've had for 40 years. It still works though.

I like it, but cant get the salt to stick.

Makes wonderful popcorn without the oil.!

My mom passed her's down to me that she received as a wedding gift and I love it. I can pop a little or alot, put on whatever I want, and I never have to worry about the smell of burned popcorn like you do with the microwave stuff. My dogs love that it shoots it out and they run all over snatching up pieces that miss the bowl

I love popcorn but the microwave kind is SO bad for you! But this air popper makes everything better! It even has a butter melter on the top!

I used to buy microwave popcorn but it always burned or I had many kernels that did not pop. I love Presto Poplite Hot Air Popper because I never have a burned piece of popcorn! I also like it because I can monitor the amount of salt and butter I put on my popcorn unlike microwave popcorn. I have already recommended this product to many friends and family members!