Presto Kitchen Kettle Multi Cooker Steamer

Presto Kitchen Kettle Multi Cooker Steamer

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Presto I has this a few years ago it was great as a multi cooker but I actually wish it did more.

VERSATILITY I honestly love the whole concept of this cooker/steamer, I can place it outside on my patio during summer nights and prepare a nice side to go along with the grilled items, like steamed corn or rice, or steamed assortment of vegetables. That thing is awesome

My go to Gadget I actually bought this Presto multi cooker last year BRAND NEW at a garage sale. I love it. I can fry anything in it, steam veggies ,cook rice and even cook an entire dinner in it (i.e. pot roast and veggies). The list goes on and on. It also comes with a manual that has a ton a recipes. I mean what can't you do with this thing. I use mine at least 2-3 times a week

Yum! As a lover of fried foods the Presto Kitchen Kettle Multi Cooker Steamer is a great tool to have in the kitchen. Perfect for fries, halibut, wontons and any other fried food you might enjoy.

Good little fryer Use this everytime we make hot wings. Best little fryer for people who have small kitchens.

I love these, I have like 6 of them. I make homemade candle and my dad rigged them up for me so I didn't have to use a double boiler. As for normal use, they are great for that to. My grandma has one she uses for frying and it does a great job.

This is hands down the most versatile pot in my kitchen. I use it to cook just about everything. You can sear, brown and fully cook meat in it, cook spaghetti, chili, soups, etc in it. I use it probably 10x as much as any other kitchen gadget. I had my first pot for over 12 years! And even then, I only changed because I got a new one for Christmas (nothing wrong with the original one!). They last forever!