Preparing For a Challenge

   By inspiringgaia  Oct 16, 2011

I've been doing the 100 Day Reality Challenge for over 4 years. The 100 Day Reality Challenge is a way for people who believe or stumbled upon The Secret (Law of Attraction). For me, this isn't about the Law of Attraction. You can believe in anything you want, but this is about using the practices they suggest to help you to accomplish your goals or intentions in 100 days.

The first couple of seasons were very eye opening. They helped me figure out what I truly desire. What my real passion is. And what may or may not be my purpose in life. What is your purpose in life? Not many people know this and I, personally don't expect you to know this. I don't even know what my purpose is in life. But the best way to figure it is out is, "Love what you do, do what you love." I love being around other people and talking. That's just is just my personality. I love helping others and making sure their frown turns into a smile. Working in the grocery store helped me realize what I love doing. This helped me determine to go back to school to help someone whether it be a teacher, therapist, or life coach.

This challenge for me is very different. I can't explain how this one is different, but I guess you can say its a real challenge for me. I'm going out my comfort zone and changing my daily habits so I can accomplish or promote good habits. Some of these habits will come easy for me since I've been doing them for a while now. Others will be a little difficult.

Personal Growth:

  • Daily Mediation. To help clear my mind of all the chatter
  • Observe. Like I said I love to talk, but I want to learn to observe my surroundings to I can learn where I speak or think negative.
  • Be kind. I always say, "Kindness kills!" It does, even people who don't like you tend to change their attitude about you because you don't take their opinions about you seriously and you continue to be kind.
  • To love & Be love. I look around and wonder, "What happen to the love? Why are people so angry and hate?" Then I think back to when I felt those emotions and realized that I was feeling those emotions due to past hurt and frustration due to lack of self-expression.


  • Think about what I truly want to do. And write out a detailed description of this job position.
  • Work on Surveys for 3 hours.
  • Start writing stories again. (This will help me build up my skills for writing articles.)



  • Communicate!


  • Start Moving! I'm not the type to stress about the numbers on a scale. I'm more of a visual person so I'm looking for how my body looks. Looking to tone my body, but more to be active (kids see you moving, they will want to move with you) and healthy.
  • Quit smoking! This is def going to be a challenge for me. Tomorrow I will be taking it moment by moment to not smoke a cigarette.


  • To provide a clean, welcoming home. Using Flylady! I love her and the people behind this technique. Been using her for over 2 years now, but now that I'm a SAHM. I'm going to be serious about the assignments and missions.

My vision board. Visionboards help you stay focus and visualize your goals and intentions. I made my online and since I'm usually on my phone or the computer. This is my wallpaper so I can see it all the time. When an affirmation or picture captures my eye. I take a moment to visualize having this already in my life.

I will be posting daily of the process here. If you are tired of negativity, bad, horrible things happening to you. I suggest you find The Secret, watch it then come join us so you can start co-creating your own reality. :)

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basilandcatnip by basilandcatnip | GARLAND, TX
Oct 18, 2011

My business group took a morning to do vision boards. At first the ladies sort of didn't like the idea, then the magazines came out, they played The Secret quietly in the back ground, passing glue and scissors. After about 30 min, everyone's idea of the task had changed and it became quiet relaxing and fun, to see everyone's ideas and share stories. The best comment I heard at the end of the day from one woman was... it got me to dream again, I'd forgotten how. Thanks for posting your journey.