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  • quackers50 By  quackers50    

    Great tasting sauce

    Prego is one of the best tasting pata sauces. I love the different varieties and so does my family. Makes pasta night a hit!

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  • joesgirl96 By  joesgirl96    

    tastes good

    I love this spaghetti sauce, it's my go to when I don't feel like making my own. It has a great taste and is quick and easy to use

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  • HallieAllie By  HallieAllie    

    easy spaghetti dinner

    Prego Spaghetti Sauce is so easy to use for a quick spaghetti meal and it has a good flavor.

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  • Archie By  Archie    

    Okay in a pinch

    Ehhh, it my favorite. I doesn?t pack enough authentic flavors as other brands do. Works fine if that?s all you got.

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  • mpatronella By  mpatronella    

    Prego Pasta Sauce

    Prego pasta sauce is a staple in our home. Not only are there multiple recipes with different flavors, but all of them are delicious. We use this pasta sauce at least once a week in our home and it makes dinners fast, easy, and yummy!

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  • SoniaSua By  SoniaSua    

    Go to pasta sauce

    In our house this is also the go to sauce for spaghetti. I just brown some meat and add it in for a delicious pre made spaghetti sauce.

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  • stef42678 By  stef42678    

    Great Flavor

    This pasta sauce tastes so good and is a staple in my home. I love using it on all my pasta dishes and it tastes great. I love the flavor and that it is so easy to heat and serve and tastes homemade.

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  • Clgarren2036 By  Clgarren2036    


    Traditional Prego Italian sauce is a great for homemade spaghetti! You can add in your own special seasoning for more taste if you'd like but it tastes great on its own!

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  • T2them By  T2them    

    Flavor savor

    Love this sauce has good flavor sometimes u can find it on sale and that's awesome my kids love it to

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  • bbfan802 By  bbfan802    

    Any type of Prego Spaghetti Sauce is tasty. My family has been using Prego for many years.

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