Precious Movie

Precious Movie

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was a good movie but disgusting scenario

This movie was fantastic! It really hit home with me and even my husband had tears! Mo'nique and Gabby were awesome, and Sherri Shepherd...huge fan!

This movie was a very emotional. Focusing on Precious, an abused young girl who struggles with herself and sometimes everyone around her. There are parts in this movie that brought me to tears, just out of the fact that I do realize that these situations are all too true for many young woman today. I found it hard to take my eyes off as I was rooting for Precious from the very beginning. The thing that made me feel strange was the, at times hatred I felt towards her mother. Then towards the end of the movie I started to feel sorry for her, a little bit. I am still torn with my emotions as I write this review that I do not want to feel sorry for a woman abused and allowed her child to be abused the way she did. At the same time I may be able to understand that possible Precious's mother also came from an awful neglectful abusive childhood herself. How then can someone that comes from that not do everything in their power to break the cycle? I've heard it said that history seems to repeat it's self in these kinds of situations, but after watching the movie I feel almost positive that Precious will break that pattern. So overall - this movie ranks at the top of my favorites.

I don't like this movie at all. The subject matter is very disturbing and I'm not sure how someone could write such a book, let alone turn it into a movie.

This was an awesome movie! It was very sad but made me understand why women go through that.

I know the book was great, but the movie was so emotionally draining for me. It's definitely not for the faint of heart at all. It was a very serious, thought provoking, and also sad movie. I cant' really say that i "enjoyed" seeing it at the movies. I would have loved to save it for a night at home.

What an amazing movie. The cast of this movie put their best in each character. When you watch Precious you are taken into the world of this young abused girl. You not only watch her struggles but you feel them with her. That is how great the actors were. Monique was phenomenal as was Gabby Sidibe. I cried watching as poor Precious struggled with her home life and her dreams of wanting to be so much more. This movie is a must see. I wouldn't recommended it for anyone under 16 as it has some very strong language and topics. A MUST SEE movie. Worth watching again and again.

Very sad movie, but done well. Acting in this movie is excellent, it had to be hard.

I work with sexually and physically abused children and this movie gave me a different understanding of what my clients go through. It made me connect with their feelings at that moment and the extent of the long term effects of the abuse. The cast did a great job and its definitely a must see for the naiive minded.

my favorite movie this year not only movie but book the book was a little more intense then the movie if you can imagine but i loved it its a strong story and the movie is filled with great actors monique was brilliant i reccommend the book and the movie

Very, very good movie!!!

I saw this movie, it was AWSOME!!!! The story line is heavy and makes you appreciate your family dynamic. It was sad, eyeopening, shocking, and sadly true. But it was a good movie

Precious is an excellent movie, with a great cast who pulled out some very surprising performances. The cast was made up of some big names as well as 1st time actress Gabourey 'Gabby' Sidibe. The movie dealt with so many issues: teenage pregnancy, incest, family dysfunction, illiteracy, homosexuality, hopelessness, most of which are very difficult to read about and equally as difficult to watch. Monique pulled out an award worth performance. This movie is not for the faint of heart, but I recommend everyone go see it.