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  • Silkki By  Silkki    

    I love this product. I was so thrilled to receive it for my son. I didn't realized that it would cover as much as it did I was so happy that it did though. I am one of those people you might call, overly cautious. I like to wash toilet seats before sitting on them, actually, I like to not use them at all but sometimes it's very hard. I remember one day I drove for 16 hours and didn't pull over and use a public toilet the entire way. I don't like germs and definitely not on my behind. I really love this product, especially for public bathrooms for my son, when he liked to sit the ones that store sometimes provide were almost good enough, but he was sitting. Now that he's standing I really love having this product in my purse. As we all know those toilet's don't always come in one size fits all and when he's standing next to a really tall toilet and he's touching that porcelain I am cringing the whole time. Or at least I used to be. I would recommend anyone with younger children, or any children for that matter, anyone who doesn't like germy washrooms, get yourself a package of these to try them out, you will not be disappointed. The product (as seen in the photo) wraps around the entire seat. It's fantastic, whomever made this was definitely thinking about protecting their assets! (I was going to put part of that word in quotations or highlight it because I thought it was funny, but I want to keep this site as family friendly as possible, you know what I mean though, and you thought is was funny too.)


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