Post-It Note Spelling

   By jonbonjovious  Oct 12, 2011

Spelling is a homework ritual. It comes home every week. We've tried learning by rote, and while it works, it gets monotonous too fast to hold anyone's attention. We've created a fun way to help study spelling words we call it, "Post-It Note Spelling"! 

Each week, her teacher sends home a list of spelling words.

While she is at school, I write the letters of each word on a separate Post-It Note. When the list is completed, I post them on a wall. (Note: The super sticky work best!)

When it's time to practice spelling, I challenge her to spell the words using the Post-It Note letters.

One by one she moves the letters to rows to spell the Spelling Words of the Week.

Spaces can be left for letters that are still to be found.

Some of the games we play with Post-It Notes Spelling during the week:

1.) Create the words from the Spelling List

2.) Create a sentence using the spelling words.

3.) Make a crossword puzzle--see how many words can be connected

4.) Speed fast can the spelling list be compiled? Can the time be beat?

5.) Alphabetize the list

6.) Post the words shortest to longest (longest to shortest)

What makes homework less of a chore at your house?


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Elizabeth5 by Elizabeth5 | Connersville, IN
Oct 15, 2011

I have a habit of spelling out random words while in conversation with my children, they think it's silly and fun but at the same time they stop, spell it out in their head and get the word patterns down.

CakeMama82 by CakeMama82 | Brookville, OH
Oct 13, 2011

What a great idea!

dhaubner by dhaubner | JACKSONVILLE, FL
Oct 13, 2011

Awesome Idead!

Kimmy951 by Kimmy951 | MORENO VALLEY, CA
Oct 13, 2011

GREAT IDEAS!! thank you for sharing, I have the hardest time with my son concentrating, this should make it FUN!

hgoncalves by hgoncalves | MELROSE, MA
Oct 12, 2011

Another way to make spelling fun is to have your child sort the words by spelling patterns. For example, In the picture I noticed some of the words started with the "wr" blend or "kn" digraph. Your child could also sort them by vowel sound, such as short a, long i, etc. In the school I teach at we use Words Their Way spelling program and it has a lot of great sorting activities to make spelling more engaging.

didama by didama | MAPLEWOOD, NJ
Oct 12, 2011

We bought our 6 yr old daughter a white board for her bedroom. Its making homework fun as she "teaches" her dolls!