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  • balldan By  balldan    

    Love it

    One of the few breakfast options that leave you satisfied and not feeling uggghh for the rest of the day!

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  • aliciamarie3 By  aliciamarie3    


    One of my favorite cereals! I love the sweetness without being overly sweet. The crunch is fantastic!

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  • Rosalbamomoftwo By  Rosalbamomoftwo    

    Fast n easy to make

    Sweet enough by itself or add fruit love bananas in our home

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  • rubymacklin By  rubymacklin    

    After this Cereal Bowl, You're Good to Go!

    Honey Bunches of Oats Cereal is tasty, crunchy and filling. Just like the lady said on the commercial. I use unsweetened Almond milk to cut down on the sugar. The crunching (chewing) adds air and fills you up also. As a result, you won't over indulge.

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  • HelgaHelga By  HelgaHelga    

    Good all around cereal

    This is a pretty healthy cereal. I like the blend of flavors and ingredients. Its good for the price too.

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  • amarie622 By  amarie622    

    Great for the whole family

    This is my absolute favorite cereal. Now that I'm older I want something that isn't just clumps of sugar. This has just the right amount of sweetness to it. It is healthier too. I love that there are different kinds of these cereal so that you can have a variety. It's crunchy and just the right amount of goodness.

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  • Dripqueen By  Dripqueen    

    Love these cereal.. Sweet 🍯... Very good flavor! I definitely recommend if u haven't tried yet. P.s. my last name is bunch😉

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  • joesgirl96 By  joesgirl96    

    love this cereal

    I love this cereal, it tastes so good. The oat clusters give it that extra crunch and for me, are the best part of the cereal, and the honey gives it the sweetness.

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  • sammie01 By  sammie01    

    I love honey bunches of oaks!! I love that they have all different kinds of flavors and they don't make me feel bloated.

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  • Tayler05 By  Tayler05    

    My favorite

    My favorite cereal, and I have eaten it since I was young. Not too sweet, but now plain either. Delicious

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  • Sydneytaylor8 By  Sydneytaylor8    

    My favorite

    This is my favorite cereal. It?s perfectly sweet but not too much. I always try finding a new favorite but always end up coming back to this.

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  • BlueEyedDreamer By  BlueEyedDreamer    

    One of my favorite cereals!

    Probably one of my all-time favorite cereals! I've tried many knockoff versions of this but nothing compares to the name brand. I love the cinnamon honey taste. The thin corn flakes are the best, and the oat clusters, oh my those are my favorite!

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  • JulieandBrionT By  JulieandBrionT    

    Crunchy, tasty cereal my whole family enjoys.

    Honey Bunches of Oats is a crunchy, tasty cereal that my whole family enjoys eating for breakfast.

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  • AlisonDThomas By  AlisonDThomas    

    Honey Bunches of Oats

    I absolutely love this cereal, it's the perfect mixture of corn flakes and honey oat clusters. I've been eating this cereal since I was in middle school and it never gets old. I always go back to it from time to time to remember a different time in my life. I also remember all the commercials about it!

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  • Luvmytater By  Luvmytater    

    The best

    I hate cereal, but this one I LOVE. It's a contest in my house of 5 kids, to see who actually is allowed to have a bowl.

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