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  • Rose201 By  Rose201    

    Great game that runs smoothly and is a perfect pass time

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  • MsWendy By  MsWendy    

    Classic Game Time Killer

    Awesome game and it's been around a while and STILL in the top 50. My grandson introduced me to this game about 5 years ago and I still play sometimes. You have to use your sunshine and flowers to outsmart and ultimately eliminate those pesky zombies. A game for all ages. It's free.(you can however, pay more for a fuller version). it's fun.. you have no excuse :).

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  • savingprivatekelly By  savingprivatekelly    

    Best game ever

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  • ILoveGod By  ILoveGod    

    BEST game ever!!

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  • nicolegray By  nicolegray    

    My husband and I finished this game in like 4 days we were so addicted to it! Who knew killing zombies with plants would be so much fun!

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  • BetZ61 By  BetZ61    

    Love this game! Found it for free at Halloween last year when the American Dental Assoc. offered it for people to give it to trick or treaters. They were all excited to get it. I became so addicted to it that I would go without sleep. Have to admit that I did online searches for help so I could keep moving up. I did have to remove it from my computer when I developed Carpal Tunnel in both hands.

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  • lizardyfriday By  lizardyfriday    

    This game is awesome. I was hesitant to buy it, but it was so worth the money. It's great for anyone of any age, and it's easy to sit down and spend an hour or two just working your way through the levels. The game is fun, the animation style is cute, and it's utterly addicting. I wish there were more levels, but it's still really fun as is.

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  • Shurma By  Shurma    

    Love this Game!! Very addicting and fun. Lots of levels,plants and upgrades . Great way to kill time :)

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  • OliviaHunt321 By  OliviaHunt321    

    Awesome and addicting game!

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  • AMy64091 By  AMy64091    

    awesome worth the money

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  • Pistachio By  Pistachio    

    So addicting. I recommend you buy the full version, so you can unlock all the mini-games and everything that comes with the full version (goodbye, spammer ads!). This is such an addicting game, and the artwork is frickin' amazing. This is a really awesome game to play when you're on a long flight (especially enjoyable on iPad), and the mini-games... gosh, they're just perfect. Try the free version, and if you like it (and who are we kidding- of course you'll like it), then buy the FULL version.

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  • steviemae By  steviemae    

    Another game that gets me completely addicted! Once I start playing it's very hard to get my attention or get me to quit.

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  • whataslacker By  whataslacker    

    This is as addicting as Angry Birds. You can now get Plants vs Zombies for your console games too. XBOX disks and it is also available via download for your PS3.

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  • rneill2999 By  rneill2999    

    great fun

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  • shelwoy By  shelwoy    

    This is a very fun game, great for killing time. At first I was going to bypass this game but my daughter suggested I play it and I thought it was really cute.

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