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Poor Man's Pasta

AuttyW By AuttyW 09.05.12
Poor Man's Pasta
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Here is one of my favorite recipes that my Dad used to make when I was young and I still make it to this day! You can customize it anyway you want. I really think that it is a neat way to eat your pasta and vegetables. I have personally made this so many different ways that I don't have enough fingers and toes! I guarantee that you will love it! 

All you are going to need is:
-Cream of Mushroom Soup.
(you can use any soup really as long as its Cream of something. It's tasty with anything!)

-Mixed Vegetables
(I suggest canned.)

-Dry Pasta
(Use any kind you want! =^_^=)

~Make your pasta as normal. Cook it to Al dente (cooked to the tooth)

~Drain your pasta really good and return it to the pot you cooked your pasta in.

~Add your soup and your vegetables.

~Stir and add salt or other seasonings as you wish!

It's really that easy honestly and is so yummy!

if you find 1 can of the vegetables or the soup is not enough you can absolutely add more to it! Just using 1 can of each and 1 pound of pasta is enough for 4+ people depending on how you eat!

You don't have to use the expensive name brand products. I just bought the generic stuff. It's just as good and even sometimes better than name brand!

This is what I payed

Happy Harvest Mixed Vegetables from Aldi $0.59

Nice! Cream of Mushroom Condensed Soup from Walgreens $1.12

And I just used penne pasta. It was from Walgreens as well and was $1.59

So figure without tax I spend $3.30!


I've made this ever since I was a kid. I absolutely love making this! Its really versatile as well, you can change up the soup, pasta and veggies to whatever you like! 

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  • JessicaLD1 By JessicaLD1

    That would be a great time saver for someone who does not have a lot of time to make dinner.

  • scatteredmusings By scatteredmusings

    Sounds yummy, I've actually done something similar to this. I normally just use a bit of olive oil, a dash of lemon juice and some shrimp.

  • autumnbutterfly By autumnbutterfly

    That sounds really good, I am thinking of trying that, I make dinner for my husband before work, sometimes I want something easy to make so we have more time to spend together. This is a good idea thanks for sharing. :)

  • AuttyW By AuttyW

    @JessicaLD1 I totally agree! It really only takes enough time to boil the water and open the cans! @scatteredmusings Oh that sounds absolutely FANTASTIC! Wow, I never even thought of that! @autumnbutterfly You are very welcome! I hope you and your husband enjoy it! Thank you all so much for reading as well! <3

  • noelrocs By noelrocs

    yum! How cool is it that your daddy cooks! We have a similar recipe that's been used in our family for years and it's cost-efficient, also. I love that you used this cut of pasta! :)

  • QueenKathy7301 By QueenKathy7301

    sounds great and easy and within my budget!

  • Loren86 By Loren86

    That sounds like a really easy and quick meal, I'm definitely going to try it.

  • Speakheather By Speakheather

    I've done this as well. Condensed soup is great for simple, quick, and affordable meals. There are so many recipes and things you can do with them.

  • graceed1963 By graceed1963

    It sounds like a quick, easy and delicious meal. I'll have to try it!

  • imtalking By imtalking

    I'm going to make this tonight, sounds like it will be really good and quick and easy. Thanks.

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