Pond's Dry Skin Cream

Pond's Dry Skin Cream

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Ehh, it's fine I guess This product is okay, but not the best. Some of these products have too strong of ascent. It doesn't activate your allergies, at least for my family. So on that note, don't buy it??

ooverpackaged and unnecessary Plain soap & wterv work fine for me. I;d be ashamed to use unnecessary overpackaged product

Women have used Pond's for generations. Good product...good moisturizer, night cream, an old standby for generations.

I highly recommend this lotion just before you put on makeup. It is very useful especially if you are prone to dry skin.

great moisturizer I love using ponds skin cream it makes my skin look and feel great

Very Good Product for the price I love this Cream This light skin cream feels so light on your skin and does not clog your pores, however it is a little greasy for a few hours until thoroughly absorbed, then your skin feels very soft and scented with a not too perfumey feminine scent very much like a light but not too light perfume you would wear out throughout the day, this cream also reduces wrinkles but does not cover up or decrease deep or laugh lines, makeup is needed for those lines, the cream does reduce tightness and itchiness from the dryness of your skin, helps to keep your skin much younger looking for the low price, what you spend on this cream is worth the money and you don't have to spend more on those more expensive creams that really don't do any better I feel. I am happy with the results this Pond's Dry Skin Cream gives me and you don't need a lot of cream on your face to get any results that in turn helps lessen the frequency you must buy this product, I recommend this product. And will be a repeat user and purchaser of Pond's

If it ain't broke, don't fix it. I normally have oily/combination skin but now at 35, it seems like my skin is changing and especially with the weather. I live in the desert and it's starting to get very cold and dry out here. I received this Ponds cream in a subscription box and decided to try it out as a night cream because I thought it would be too heavy for the day... I was wrong! It feels heavy but goes on smooth and absorbs really well. It didn't make me oily/shiny and it left my skin feel moisturized and supple. I took off one star just because of the scent. My husband said it reminds him of his grandmother and I agree. I know it's been around since before our grandmothers, but perhaps they can update the scent for the newer generations?

Have been using ponds since childhood. the best gear to go in winter leaving skin super soft with no dryness.

Great moisturizer for the winter month Always trust Ponds, I use it when I was teenager and still do until now. It get your skin moist and supple through the day, I use it mostly during winter month

it?s a very nice moisturizer. it makes your skin pretty smooth and hydrated, and a reasonable price!

AMAZING as someone with dry skin, it is hard to find that one product that is perfect for you and this is that product.

One of my favorites, it's affordable, it actually keeps the skin hydrated, and you get more than enough for the price.

A lot of bang for your buck. This product is a great example of skincare on a budget. It keeps your skin moisturized without breaking the bank.

Reliable Great brand! Has never disappointed and has been around for a long time.

Too heavy It is too heavy. I thought I would like this one since it said it was for dry skin. OH NO! It was to heavy and I broke out!